Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beer Journal #62: Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona, WI

Wisconsin Brewing Company is in Verona, WI, on the southwest side of Madison.
It was built in 2013 in an industrial park in a beautiful area.  

Check out this outdoor bar, stools, tables and chairs galore for better weather days.

The gift shop is the door on the right. The bar and lounge area is through the double doors and the area beyond that is the brewery itself.

You can see the lounge and bar in the background.

Kirby, the Brew Master.

Lon and Kirby

We enjoyed our visit to Wisconsin Brewing Company. 

We bought the wallhanging, growler and variety pack to take home.


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Cap Chastain said...

SHADDY this Post 'reeks' of work. It just looks like such a work of art. I remain amazed at the work you put into your beer journals.