Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Siesta Key March 2015: Journal #7 (3/21)

Everything is at our fingertips. This awesome fishing spot is a walk south on the beach and past Point of Rocks.  

Lon and Jared have fished here several times every year. This was my first fishing adventure on Siesta Key. 

Jared set me up with this fishing pole, put the proper lure on my line and coached me on where to cast and how to cast with the lure I had.

Depending on the tide, these rocky areas are more or less visible.

Jared insisted I do everything to catch this fish by myself including removing the lure from the fish's mouth. I appreciated that. He also told me how to hold the fish for photos. of my catches. 

We all caught fish so it was a pleasant afternoon for all. 

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Cap Chastain said...

Another fun post to read. Did you actually eat what you caught or did you throw them back? Such nice photos for you to share with your followers.