Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Challenge #10: Mentally Strong People Don't Give Up After Failure

In Amy Morin's book, 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON'T DO, we are advised that:

Mentally strong people don't give up after failure.

Amy's words: Every failure is a chance to improve. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that their early efforts invariably brought many failures. Mentally strong people are willing to fail again and again, if necessary, as long as the learning experience from every "failure" can bring them closer to their ultimate goals.

My words: Mental strength is a valuable asset. Amy has written an amazing book that leads the reader to achieving greater mental strength in 13 chapters dedicated to her list of 13 things to avoid.


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Cap Chastain said...

Another sound principle Shaddy. Fun that I saw her book here in Hong Kong on the current-book table. Fear of failure stops many people from even trying. Then actual failure stops many more from trying again. It is a tricky thing our mental attitudes. Sometimes I think our DNA plays a part in it all. Last Saturday I failed to get a ticket booked for my trip to Mongolia. What to do? I went back yesterday and was successful. Nice principles Shaddy. Much Joy ..