Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Gratefulness Journal

Earlier today on FB, I shared the importance of gratitude in our lives. I vowed to practice thankfulness faithfully until it becomes habitual.
This evening, I remembered that my friend, B'Lynn, gave me a gratitude journal for my birthday many, many years ago. It was published in 1996 and I'm thinking I received it shortly after that date. I made daily entries regularly for a few months, but, unfortunately, I didn't keep it up, only writing in it occasionally. I'm so glad that I kept it and was able to locate it a few minutes ago.
Now it's time to get to work again. I'm looking forward to changing my life through gratefulness. Look at all the lines open for me to make note of my blessings.


Cap Chastain said...

Cap Chastain said .. What a great Post Shaddy. An Attitude of Gratitude .. Oh how powerful this concept is. Our minds are quick BUT at one instant they are focused only on one thing. So IF we can get our minds focused on the positive there is little to no room for the negative. The problem or the challenge if-you-will is the actual DOING of this. Prayer and meditation .. Much Joy and Thank You for an excellent Post .. Cap IN Mongolia ..

Annie said...

This post is wonderful! At work, I post inspirational quotes everyday. Yesterday I posted 'what if today, we were grateful for everything?' Sometimes, when the bigger schemes of life overwhelm, I have to stop, breathe and think of one thing I am thankful for, no matter how small. Just thought of a great Christmas card...writing down all the ways I am thankful for my family and giving it to them. I better get working!!! Oh, and in regards to your wonderful beer posts...have you tried Not Your Dad's Root Beer Beer or Coney Island Root Beer Beer yet? Adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream revs up the flavor! Have a great weekend my friend.

Gullible said...

The mind can do much if it has positive fuel to work with. Nice post.