Friday, January 29, 2016

I Colored February's Calendar Page.I'm Ready For the Month to Flip Over.

My green pen ran dry so I ordered more so I can complete my calendar page for February. I love ordering from
The green metallic gel pen arrived so I completed this project.

Coloring is praised as being relaxing. I beg to differ. Check out all the little areas I had to color without going over the lines. I'm attempting to stay relaxed in spite of the challenges. I've had little success to date.

I love the finished project so it's worth the tenseness I experience.


Gullible said...

This is a good exercise if you have your Muse working in the background. See Ann's latest prompt. You are tempting me to color. The jigsaw puzzle I'm working on is quite difficult, and I'm an experienced puzzler. Haven't really touched it in days., but then I'm still occupied with restoring my old laptop and getting things on my new laptop. Love the colors you use, but I suspect I'd go more psychedelic.

Cap Chastain said...

Did I read the adjective .. tenseness .. associated with your coloring. Getting tense. Hum-m-m-m .. tense wondering what color to put into each place maybe. THAT is like us trying to sort through a thousand photos wondering which one is just right. I understand Shaddy. Cap ..

Cap Chastain said...

Well so much for my reading comprehension. YOU EXPLAINED the tenseness business quite well. Smiling ..