Sunday, April 10, 2016

Obsessed With Coloring

I've posted some of the coloring projects I've been working on. 

The true richness of the colors isn't evident in these photos. The metallic pens I often use seem to reflect the light.

I have finished this one and displayed it at work. When I bring it home, I'll try to remember to take a photo so you can see the finished picture. 

I need to do something to eliminate the rippling in the background of this picture which I just moved to our kitchen counter. Perhaps some cardboard directly behind the colored page will help.

I showed this on a previous blogpost when it was half finished.  Now it's complete, except for a frame.

I used removable adhesive dots to adhere this and the following two photos to the wall in my "studio" (our extra room).

I am presently working on this challenge.

This is a close up of my work-in-progress...

...and another... more...

...and my final close up of the page I'm working on.

If you tilt your computer screen you can see the metallic qualities of the ink pens I used in most of these pictures.  

I truly hope you enjoyed the show.


eArThworm said...

What coloring book(s) are these gorgeous pages from?
And what brand of pens/pencils were used.
Your results are truly beautiful!

Cap Chastain said...

I for one sure enjoyed-the-show Shaddy.

In the field of addiction there is this advice: Addicts are going to be addicts. So the victory is this: Become addicted to something healthy and positive. Exercise / Running / Health / Reading .. you get the point. IF, and I have no idea if this would even apply to you Shaddy .. BUT IF you have some tendencies toward OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) being 'Obsessed With Coloring' (YOUR title not mine) sure is wonderful and harmless to others. More than that .. You are contributing positively to others!

Smiles to you from both of us and Atta Girl Shaddy! .. Cap and Patti ..