Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun With Haiku


I’m half Norwegian,
Delighted with my heritage,
A good old Norski.

My favorite food
Of the Norwegian genre
Most surely is lefse.

Ask me on Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday,
I’ll tell you the same.

I learned to make it
From Mom, oh so long ago.
It’s work, but worth it.

I use a lefse iron,
A turning stick, rolling pin,
And cloth covered board.

I use half and half,
Melted butter, salt, sugar,
Potatoes and flour.

I boil the potatoes,
Rice ‘em, add all the rest and
Mix til my arm aches.

I roll it out thin,
My old rolling pin and I
Til it’s round and flat.

I slide turning stick
Under paper thin lefse.
Lift it to hot iron.

Phew, it’s quite a job.
I bake it ‘til it bubbles,
Flip it, bake some more.

Lefse looks like a soft
Shelled taco, only thinner,
Softer with brown spots.

After it has cooled,
I spread butter on one side
And sprinkle with sugar.

I roll it up so
Butter and sugar stay put.
The rest is heaven.

With that first sweet taste,
I fall in love once again
With all that’s Norway.

A plate full is gone
In the blink of my blue eyes
And I yell “Uff da!”

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