Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alaska Journal #35: Our Time In Anchorage

We spent one evening, one night, and half of the next day in Anchorage before flying home.  We were reunited with luggage that we'd left in the hands of Holland America back at the cruise ship.  It was waiting for us in our room at the Hilton Anchorage.

After we settled our carry on bags in our rooms, many of us had dinner together.  It was a fun time in an awesome restaurant.

I love cleverly named shops.

This polar bear and the brown bear below were in the lobby of Hilton Anchorage.

We gathered in the lobby on Wednesday morning.

We walked from the hotel to a restaurant for breakfast.

We decided to have breakfast at Snow City.  Complimentary coffee was available just inside the door which made waiting outside for a table quite pleasant.

While we waited, I snapped a photo of an Alaska license plate.

Trash cans as flower pots, I like that unique alternative.

See the mountains up the road?

The Snow City menu. 

Two totems in front of the courthouse.

See that corner stand across the street?

We saw several stands on our walk in downtown Anchorage.

"Downtown Dawgs" including reindeer!  That doesn't seem right, does it?  I mean, what about Rudolph and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, etc.

Looky there.  Lynnette and Alice are across the street at Polar Bear Gifts.  Hey, wait for us!

Lots of work was being done no matter which direction we looked. 

Laura and Sherry, smiling and happy as always.  Love it!

It's all about bears.  Did you notice that?  :)

The Joan of Arctic is mine; the Coors Light is Lon's.  Doesn't seem right, does it!

We had time to kill before we took our shuttle from the hotel to the airport.  We spent some quality time at a table in front of a pub, watching people go by and basking in the sun.

Easy does it, girl.  One sip at a time.

We sat there for quite a while and, as always, I took pictures (between sips). 

Another "dawg" stand.

I can't tell you what the artwork is across the street in the park.

Here's a close up of "I don't know what." 

More work being done.

Our hotel was on 2nd Avenue on the corner.  I think it was the building shaped like an "H."  I'm not sure though.

We're on the shuttle now, going to the airport.

My last photo was taken at the Anchorage airport.

From Anchorage, we flew to Seattle.  From Seattle, we flew to Minneapolis.  From Minneapolis, we flew to Milwaukee.

We left Anchorage around 4 pm on Wednesday and arrived in Milwaukee at 8 am on Thursday.

Our Alaska trip was spectacular and posting all of my photos has been a journey as well.

Thank you for sharing our fun with us.