Sunday, December 30, 2012

Extreme Makeover

We're changing our kitchen cupboard color from cream to black.  Pretty extreme, huh?  I say "we" but of course Lon is doing all the work.  He'll have the job done before I could buy the paint and figure out which end of the paintbrush to hold!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

SeaWorld on Christmas Day, Part 2

A group of flamingos joined us visitors on the park streets.  This pretty girl timidly walked among a trio of them.

My son somehow coaxed me into going on this ride called "Manta."

I agreed.  If I'd watched it from afar, I may have chickened out.
I remained cool and calm until the ride started moving.  Then it was to late to do anything but hang on.
This brochure photo shows exactly what I did as the ride flew, turned us upside down and every which way over and over again. 
The brochure description doesn't do the ride justice. 
At this show, we were entertained by sea lions and their trainers.  Isn't he huge?   
I'm amazed that the animals can be trained to perform so well.
Sea lions holding
These dolphins are amazingly cooperative and seem to truly enjoy the human touch.  Thank goodness 'cuz everyone wants to make contact.


These last two brochure photos are representative of two more shows we enjoyed.

"Turtle Trek" is a 3D 360 degree experience that puts you at the epicenter of the sea turtle's world.  You truly felt like you were underwater and that you were living among the underwater creatures.

"A'Lure:  The Call of the Ocean" entranced us with aerial tumblers, birds participating in the show and dolphins interacting with trainers.  The trainers were thrown into the air by dolphins, rode the dolphins and were propelled underwater by the dolphins. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Day at SeaWorld.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SeaWorld on Christmas Day, Part 1

I took this photo during SeaWorld's signature show:  One Ocean, featuring Shamu. 
I held my camera ready during the entire show so I could capture moments like this.

I love watching them come up out of the water like this.
Another "ah" moment.
Beached killer whales...oh my...
Bottoms up!
A genteel wave from a killer whale.
How do they train these huge animals??
Walking through this tunnel surrounded by water and sea life is quite an experience.
Scary even viewed through the glass wall.

Wouldn't it be fun to ride on the back of one of these turtles?
I like to come in close with my camera.  I'd be lost without the ability to zoom in.

I'll be back tomorrow with more photos of our Christmas Day at SeaWorld. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012