Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eleven Days and Counting & E-Mailing Amy

May 16th is coming up fast. It's the day of the biathlon. I'm working pretty hard to build my stamina up for it.
When I left work at noon today, clouds were spitting rain on my windshield. I benched any hopes of biking and/or running this afternoon and went to the grocery store instead. It's been quite a while since I've grocery shopped and there were several items I needed. I rolled the cart down all the aisles, half filled it with more than what I needed (I hate when that happens), checked out, loaded the bags in the truck and drove home.
As I was putting the groceries away, the sun peeked out. I looked out the window and saw blue sky to the west. Huh. Maybe I can get in a two miles run while it's not raining, I thought. So I geared up and ran two miles. When I got home, half of the sky was cloudless. Rain is definitely expected tomorrow and the rest of the week so I figured I better take advantage of this unexpected nice day today.

I switched to my biking gear and rode fourteen miles. I finished the ride in about an hour. Around 3:00, I coasted in the driveway and into the garage. As long as I'd run two miles and biked more than the biathlon route of eleven miles, I talked myself into running another two miles. This time I didn't walk/run like I did in my previous training session; I ran the entire two miles. I actually felt good (relatively) when I finished.
If I can run two miles, bike eleven miles and run two more miles (the biathlon distance) two more times before the 16th, I should be ready. One more long training session would probably be enough but it the weather permits, I'll shoot for two. I take this stuff pretty seriously, can you tell?

I'd like to share another part of my day. I finished reading the book, Tethered, by Amy MacKinnon, last night. I noticed on the back book flap that Amy has a website. I went to it and saw that I could contact her by e-mail. I was unclear about a couple of things in her book so I e-mailed her last night with my questions. I didn't know how soon or if I would hear from her. Sure enough, when I got home today after getting groceries, there was an e-mail from her on my laptop. She thanked me for reading her book and for contacting her. In several sentences, she answered my questions thoroughly.

She signed her e-mail: Sincerely, Amy. I'm impressed and honored by her quick and sincere response. I suppose someone else may have sent it for her but I'm going to assume it was Amy. I've never communicated with a well-known author before now. I guess that deep down inside I'm beginning to feel like a full-fledged writer, unpublished, but still an earnest artist. I reckon I might as well start hob-nobbing and rubbing elbows with the best of 'em. What the heck, maybe some of their talent will rub off on me.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Babe has always told you that you are a great writer and definitely should be published, WOW contact with a famous writer, not bad Shaddy.

Walk said...

I've had the pleasure of talking with and discussing different topics with two published big shots. Michael Snyder (My Name Is Russell Fink) and John Robinson (Joe Boxx series). Their advice has been great, too bad I'm so slow in acting on it. Keep up the good writing, we'll be asking you for advice soon.

Rob said...

I wish you all the best on your biathlon and congrats on getting to rub elbows with someone famous :)

K.M. Weiland said...

The book cover is gorgeous. What was it about?

Shaddy said...

To K.M. Weiland: I could try to tell you about the book but if you go to www.amymackinnon.com you'll get a better synopsis of it. I'm afraid I wouldn't do it justice in my own words.