Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shhhh! You're Entering a Library

I promised that I would show you some photos of our new library. I took these pictures last week and today's the day for the big presentation. As I mentioned in my original post regarding this new addition to our city, it's huge.
The pictures speak for themselves so I'll only comment on a couple of them.
The clear, suspended, dome shaped "things" provide audio for individuals watching DVDs, without allowing the sound to bother others. This area is not ready for use yet. The woman at the check-out desk, whom I asked about the domes, didn't seem real sure about the "things," so I'm only passing on what I was told. If I find out more, I'll let you know.
An openness is present throughout the building. In areas where inner walls are present, vertical windows allow visual observation from room to room. As you can see, all of the fixtures are ultra-modern.
I'm really excited about this new location for the library. I remember the times about fifty years ago, when Mom took my two younger brothers and me, every Saturday while she bought groceries at Kroger's, to the library on West Grand Avenue, downtown. From there, the library relocated across the river in the old post office building. I loved those two locations. The character of the old architectural structures was truly remarkable, but things change.
I'll learn to love the new library with its latest technological advances and of course, for its greatest assets, all the wonderful books within its walls.
(If you'd like to read more about the new library, please go to my previous post: 53,000 Square Feet of Books).


Walk said...

Whoa, That's strange, I have the same sign that's in the fourth picture from the bottom above my desk. That really freaks me out.

Sarah said...

LOL Walk!

Oh wow, what a change Shaddy. Thank you so much for the tour of the new library. Interesting choice of decor or what? At least it looks like there's room for growing the book collection now. I guess I'm gonna have to come down and check it out. Thanks for posting all of these my dear! I really appreciate it.

Rob said...

Nice post and REALLY nice library! Congrats on having access to that too. I couldn't help but think as I looked at all those books, when something of your creation might someday join the other works gracing those shelves. Can't wait! :)