Saturday, May 9, 2009

What, Me Worry?

Things I Never Had to Worry About As A Kid:

1. If I'd go to bed hungry.

Mom fed us good, really good, every day without fail.

2. If she'd be there when I came home from play or school.

Mom was always there when we left the house and when we returned home.

3. If I'd have something nice to wear.

Mom sewed beautiful clothes for me while she wore simple dresses.

4. If I'd have something clean to wear each day.

My grandmother worried that Mom would wear our clothes out from washing them so often.

5. If we'd have lunch money for school.

Mom would put money for each of us five kids on the desk for school lunches every week.

6. If we'd get to church and Sunday School every week.

Every Sunday, Mom, Dad, Tom, Bob, Me, Carl and John, dressed in our best, would go to church and fill up a pew.

7. If we'd get together with our aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives.

On holidays and many other occasions we gathered and had the best of times.

8. If my birthday would be remembered.

Mom made a birthday cake, threw a party and gave me presents every year.

9. If my shoes fit and looked nice.

I had play shoes, school shoes and Sunday shoes that were always clean and polished.

10. If I'd get a toothache.

Every six months, Mom would take all of us to the dentist, whether we liked it or not.

11. If there was anything for dessert.

Mom always made cookies, pies, cakes or some other delicious dessert for a treat after supper.

12. If I had a new dress when I needed one for a special occasion.

Mom and I would pick out a dress pattern and material. Like magic, poof, the dress would appear.

13. If the house would be clean and tidy.

Mom's greatest enemy was dirt so if it showed up, she scrubbed it away immediately.

14. If she cared about all of us kids, Dad, and all the other people in her life.

Mom gave all she had to give and then gave some more.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly right in your comments about Mom. She was always there for us.

Your Brother Tom

Sarah said...

What a beautiful ode to Mom Shaddy! I love that you posted this. Thank you for reminding us all what this holiday is all about. Muah! And Happy Mothers Day to you my dear!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Babe remembers always finding your Mom in the kitchen making some delicious meal or dessert. She certainly was the ideal Mom and Sister. Shaddy you have a nice Mothers Day.