Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's In A Name?

I pretend to work in a dental office. Yesterday, while I was passing the time absentmindedly looking in the appointment book, the combination of interesting names on that particular day, prompted me to try something. I challenged myself to write some sentences using the patients' last names in place of some of the nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

On this seemingly typical day in May, the last names of patients scribbled in pencil in the appointment book were intriguing. They were:

Klingenberg, Timm,

Sackmann, and Pearson,

Turnmire, Crick, and Cain,

Mowers, and Busch, Trotter,

Wendt, Forrest, and Clark,

Buchanan, Selgren,

Kristopeit, and Farnum.

While I appeared to be doing my job, I juggled the names and found connections between them. If you use your imagination, I think you'll get the drift of what I tried to say in these unusual sentences. These are the end results of my mental acrobatics:

I heard Cricks chirping from Busches in the Forrest.

It's sad that Timm can't Trotter now that he uses a Cain.

Did you hear about Clark? He picked Klingenberg Pearsons from a tree and Wendt off with them in a Sackmann?

To my surprise, Kristopeit Columbus fired a Buchanan and thus Mowers down Clark as he attempted to Selgren the sack of stolen pears.

Last, but not least, regarding that muddy mess in the corner of the yard, our gardener has been Turnmire instead of planting flowers Farnum and wide across the grounds as I requested.

[In a round about way, I got paid to write this week. Hey, I could get used to that.]


Annie said...

I love 'I pretend to work in a dental office!' I laughed out loud at that! Ahhhhh! My job sometimes needs a little lift, due to the down time we are currently experiencing. That is where I get some of my ideas to write about. I loved this one using last names...very creative!!!

Rob said...

Ok this was super-creative of you! By the time I got to this sentence ... - "To my surprise, Kristopeit Columbus fired a Buchanan and thus Mowers down Clark as he attempted to Selgren the sack of stolen pears." - ... I was really smiling and chuckling. Great job!

Anonymous said...

How fun, Shaddy! I loved it! Thanks for the giggle :D

(I tried to respond to this and it just won't let me, so I'm trying something different.~~~ pprmint)

Anonymous said...

That worked! I have to omit my wordpress profile. I'll get it right yet! (ppr)

Sarah said...

Oh you are amazing my little Roadrunner!! If you could just share one teeny tiny little morsel of the creativity you hold in your head with me, I'd be forever grateful!

I love this. You know I'll be doing this with everything subconsciously by the end of the week right?

Thanks for posting this (and for showing me the way to the posts I missed too)


Sarah said...

Oh! By the way I LOVE the photograph! Nice job Roadrunner!