Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rockin' Robin and Mate Plus Two

On Sunday, exactly two weeks since I saw eggs in Rockin' Robin's nest, I realized her little Robinettes (my friend Sarie's cute and perfect name for them) had broken out of their eggshells. What a sight it was! Rockin' Robin had been very attentive to her nest ever since she laid the eggs, leaving only for extremely short periods. In awe of her vigilant mothering skills during the incubation period, I'm even more impressed as I observe her and her mate as they constantly feed, warm and protect their young. The process is truly constant and I'm drawn repeatedly to the window to wonder at it all.

When Rockin' Robin leaves her nest, I sneak out the patio door, plant myself as close as I dare to her nest, focus my camera on it and then freeze and wait for her to come back to her nest. As you can see, I captured several photos of the feeding process. I don't know exactly how many babies there are but I know for sure there are at least two.

The Robinettes' heads appear for only a few seconds above the rim of the nest as they're fed. As fragile and weak as they appear, they strain with all their might to stretch themselves up to accept the food from their parents. Their wide-open mouths atop their wobbly necks are an easy target for the endless meal deliveries.

After each feeding, Rockin' Robin snuggles herself down atop the tiny bodies, wiggling herself until she's low in the nest. I don't understand how the newborns can breathe and don't suffocate, nevertheless, you won't catch me criticizing Rockin' Robin again. I accused her of gallavanting several days ago and shortly thereafter, I was compelled to apologize for my false and ungrounded suspicions. Subsequently, I'm confident she's wisely keeping the helpless and naked little bodies warm and that they indeed manage to get the air they need when she shifts her position, leaves the nest, or attends to them from her perch on the nest's edge.

As the Robinettes grow, I hope to get an accurate count of their number. When I do, you'll be the first to know.

Click on the photos if you'd like a more intimate look.

"Light tomorrow with today."
(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)


Sarah said...

Awwwwwww, I love watching this process through your eyes Shaddy. So sweet and lovable to see. Thank you for posting this! As you know, it makes my day :)

Gullible said...

You know how gaping those little mouths seem? I once saw six raven chicks cawing after their mother on the shoulder of a road. Now, that's unfillable! Cool pix, Shaddy. My congratulations to Mom and Pop Robin, and the robin godparents.


Awww Shaddy it's so cute! :)
and thank you so much dear for your always happy comments! :) they mean a lot to me.


Lia said...

Hi babes,
hope you are well.
Your Robin looks a bit different to our type of robin, so I did a google search and it is indeed true.

Although they do both seem to be very attentive birds when it comes to their young.
So now I know there is a bit of a difference, I will be watching yours, as we use to have a Robin in our garden, but they haven't been back since Bear the cat took up residencey.

Lovely post and photos.
Much love Lia xx

Shaddy said...

Sarie: It's an interesting process alright.
Gully: I guess we are godparents, of a sort.
Shokoofeh: I can't get enough of them. I only get quick peeks when they stretch their necks up during feeding.
Lia: So robins in London look different from those here. I'll have to do a google search to see how they differ. Smart move on the robin's part if there's a cat in the garden!!

Linda Yezak said...

That is soooo cool! I wish I could've uploaded pix of my wiggle-butt ducks, I need to post an update on them sometime. And we need to see how Katie's goslings are doing.

We've gone to the birds!!!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

What a great story and photos! We had a robin's nest just off the porch during our first spring/summer in this house. Every time the parents came back for a feeding there would be a chorus of little birds tweeting, "Me! Me! Me!" For some reason this year we seem to have an over-abundance of robins.

Shaddy said...

Linda: I wonder if that's a step from going to the dogs??
Mary Anne: I haven't heard any tweeting yet. Perhaps that's yet to come when they're a few days older.

Anonymous said...

Auntie cannot fathom waiting for your mother Robin to return to her babies, you sure got great shots. This sure up stages ( you know who) that is feeding my sugar cookies to a chipmunk that inhabits the courtyard, it is fun to watch it pick up pieces of cookie and eat. Will be anxious to see how many robinettes you have.

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Rockin' Robin normally returns to her nest just a few short minutes after she leaves. I'm with you; I can't fathom waiting longer than that for a photo. Last night when I tried to get a picture, Rockin' Robin sat on the ground and just looked at me. I finally gave up and went inside. I didn't want to interfere with her feeding and nesting instincts.
That's a lucky chipmunk to be nibbling on your delicious sugar cookies.

Sarah said...

How are they doing today?

Shaddy said...

Sarie: I haven't been home since early this morning. I'll e-mail you later this evening after I've had a chance to check things out. How are your robins doing?