Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rockin' Robin

My husband, Lon, and I were on our screen porch eating dinner on Saturday and listening to fifties music on the radio. A robin was hopping around on a section of downspout under the porch overhang. We'd noticed him earlier in the day hanging around in that same spot. We watched him as he jerked, jumped and hopped in circles, back and forth. He appeared to be dancing to the song playing on the radio. It was so funny to watch that we laughed and laughed and soon I was jiving right along with him. We named him Rockin' Robin and laughed some more.

We wondered why he was so interested in that section of downspout. On Monday, we found out. He started to build a nest while we were at work. At that stage, by the looks of the mess of grasses and twigs, I couldn't begin to imagine that the robin's project would be successful. After work on Tuesday evening, I became hopeful and this evening I was blown away by the finished product. Rockin' Robin must have used mud to form the nesting bowl because after a close inspection, I determined the bird's labor of love had become much more solid and well-shaped than it was yesterday. I should know the basics of robin nest building at my ripe old age of sixty, especially since it's Wisconsin's state bird and I've always resided in this lovely state. Unless something parks itself practically under my nose, I don't take much notice of it. Unfortunately, I live in my own little world and many things around me go unobserved.

I've included pictures taken on Tuesday and Wednesday. The top photo was taken on Wednesday and the lower ones on Tuesday. Rockin' Robin picked a busy area for his nest. An unoccupied birdhouse and a wall-mounted flag pole and flag are at that some corner. We eat out on the porch every chance we get and Lon has the TV going out there nearly every evening. I know Rockin' Robin likes fifties music and I can only hope he'll enjoy the evening ball games.

I'm excited to have a ring-side seat to this spectacle of nature. I'll keep you posted on any further developments.

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Gullible said...

Cool, Shaddy. It's great fun to watch birds raise their young. I've been able to watch bald eagles, golden eagles, and great horned owls from my windows--with a spotting scope, of course. Enjoy Rockin' Robin.

Sarah said...

Oh how cool! Why do they always build their nests in the most precarious of positions? I wonder if she even saw the birdhouse next door. Maybe robin's don't like birdhouses, now that I think of it. I hope Rockin Robin's new home survives any storms we may have.

Keep us posted, yes! I love watching them too, and you have a great view here Shaddy. Thank you for posting this!


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