Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Right Feet

You'll be relieved to know I arrived fully equipped for my swim today. My Y experience was a stroll in the park compared to Saturday's. The only rule I broke was not showering before I entered the pool. I must admit, I've become a hardened criminal regarding that regulation; I don't even flinch when I see the sign and promptly disobey it.

I took my sweet time as I entered the pool area, nonchalantly kicking off my flipflops, rotating my arms to loosen my shoulders, and adjusting my goggles, all BEFORE I very gradually let myself into the water. How truly sweet it was. I repeated Saturday's back and forth, back and forth routine until I was done and then I got out of the water. I felt a slight surge of residual guilt when I found myself face-to-face with the lifeguard. I quickly relaxed when he simply smiled and chatted with me for a minute or so and then went his way and I went mine.

Before I let you go, I've got another Y story to tell. Can you stay just a little longer? I planned to run on the indoor track one day a year or so ago. When I put my running shoes on, the right one went on just fine and dandy. As I attempted to slip the second shoe on my left foot, I groaned. I own a few pair of cross-training shoes, all white with varying trim colors. I had grabbed two right shoes from my closet at home when I packed my bag. I sat back down on the bench and groaned again.

As a rule, I'm not mentally flexible. When I set out to do something, I'm serious about it. My options that day were: I could forget about exercising and get out of there or I could put the two right shoes on and go work out on the weight machines. Running was not an option. (I bet you know what I did). It was only a little awkward as I made my way upstairs, but once I started using the machines I was sitting down so the shoe issue wasn't an issue. I took some comfort in knowing that at least I didn't have two LEFT feet.

I have to admit I did feel self-conscious and tried to slink from machine to machine so no one would get a look at my shoes. Little did I know that this slinking ability would come in handy at a later date in the pool.
I don't know why people think exercising is boring. It's actually quite challenging in more ways than meet the eye.
(If you haven't read my previous post, Wanted: Dead or Alive, you may have felt lost at times as you read this one. You're welcome to go back to it. Then you'll know the rest of the story).


Walk said...

You are something else. I can't wait till tomorrow to see what you forget or misplace. Thanks for the smile.

Gullible said...

Incredible. Totally incredible. Well, I guess two right feet are better than two left feet.

Annie said...

I share that same thought...exercise is far from boring. Tonight went to the park with my oldest son. The deer came out early and I ended up face to face with one. The coolest thing!! Even started jogging, just a little bit and then back to a brisk walk. It was a fine evening!

Rob said...

Shaddy you are one determined and a "no excuses" kind of lady. Salute!

Sarah said...

How did I miss THIS one?!

Russ and I are laughing out loud girl! You are HILARIOUS Shaddy! In a good way!

I am amazed at your determination every day, but you've taken it to a whole new level even I didn't know you had. I love these little glimpses into your world, they keep me going. And smiling. Thank you for posting!