Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Things Buckeye Lake

Lynnette, Alice, Lon and I started our Friday by driving to a newly opened store in the village. Alice has been helping the owner get the store set up and running. "All Things Buckeye Lake" sells clothing and a wide variety of lakeside "must have" items. Lon and I helped their sales for the day by purchasing a number of items including a cap and two shirts for Lon, a shirt for myself, a picture frame complete with a lake photo and a baby gift for a friend and coworker of mine who's expecting. The attractive new building, the items for sale and the personable staff promise the store will be a great success.

As we were leaving "All Things Buckeye Lake," I took a seat outside in the lounge chair in front of the store, hoping to bring in a few customers with my "happy time" antics. As a result, the store was soon busting at the seams with customers. (Did I mention that this is creative non-fiction?)

We left Pam in charge and scooted the short distance to the village of Millersport for breakfast. The sun was shining so we chose a table on the deck beside a canal and began our day breathing in the fresh lake air. From there, we meandered next door to the Millersport General Store. We couldn't resist buying "another" birdhouse and a cute welcome sign to put by our the front door.

The lake was calling to us so we obeyed by scuttling back to the lake. In no time, we were settling in on the pontoon boat, this time for a ride all the way around the entire lake, in and out of all the nooks and crannies. The variety of structures fighting for a place on the water is astounding. From run down little shacks to gorgeous multi-level dwellings, you see it all here. I found the diversity extremely enjoyable to observe and I found myself constantly intrigued by all the sights. Of all the houses along the shoreline, the pale yellow home is Lynnette and Alice's favorite. I can see why; it's absolutely amazing in a multitude of ways.

We stopped at the Copper Penny lakeside restaurant for liquid refreshments and a mid-afternoon meal. The close-up shot of my cousin, Lynnette (on the left) and Alice (with her cute yellow cap) was taken as we bellied up to the bar.

What do you think of the goofy looking water craft made up of a chair mounted atop a couple of big old tires and a sun umbrella overhead? Ahh, the draw of the open water. The lure of the water inspires men to create some of the most unusual modes of transportation for getting out there and for assuring some degree of relaxation once they drop anchor.

If you think we'd had enough fun for one day, you're wrong. Lynnette and Alice insisted, without a smidgen of resistance on our part, that Lon and I take the two jet skis out for a wild ride on the lake. We had a blast cruising across the water and, when we returned to the dock, were surprised to discover we'd passed an hour bouncing and racing atop the machines.

It was time. Time to act our ages and ease into the evening.

After we all showered and sat at the table beside the lake, Lon announced that he was hungry so we ordered a pizza. Our day slowed down while we enjoyed each other's company, the delicious lakeside air and the lights from the boats reflecting on the water and from the homes to our right and left. Oh yes, the pizza was terrific too.

Lon and I left Lynnette and Alice with wishes for a good night's sleep and made the short walk to our private quarters. A family get-together was planned for the next day so we relaxed in front of the televisions for a very short time and then hit the sack.

Tune in again, if you're enjoying my vacation as much as I am as I relive it here on my blog.


Rob said...

Beautiful pics Shaddy! I wish that I was on a vacation like you're enjoying! Count yourself blessed :)

Shaddy said...

Rob: Thank you. I post too many photos here but this is only a fraction of those that I captured during our time in Ohio. It's so hard to decide which images to post that I fear that I err on the excessive side.

Anonymous said...

These are some really beautiful photos. They remind me of the St. Johns River down here in Florida.

It has been too long since my husband and I have rented a Pontoon and enjoyed a day of fishing and sightseeing. It thrills me to at least live vicariously through your trip and your experience.

I'll be waiting to see the exciting things your lens discovered during your family get together.

Walk said...

I gotta get out more often.....

Enjoyed the pics, I could almost feel the water spray on my face.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: So you're in FL. I was just wondering this morning where you live.
It's fun having you enjoy my memories with me. I plan to post my final photos of our trip this evening. Thanks for stopping here.

Walk: I was doused more than once when I rode behind Lon on a jet ski on Saturday. It's much easier to drive than to sit behind, trying to hold on. My arms were sore from gripping the strap to keep from bouncing off.

I don't get out much but when I do....

Anonymous said...

I think your pics are great, but would like more people. Makes me miss our pontoon and place on water, oh well guess I will settle for living on golf course. Auntie is anxious to see the family gathering pics.

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Family pictures are next. I bet you do miss being on the water but living on a golf course makes for a nice view as well.


whahhh...some nice houses!
Glad you have a wonderful time dear...
ps: adore the lotus blossoms!