Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back To Running and Pleasant Routines

********************I slipped on my dressiest running clothes since it's Sunday and hit the road this morning. The time has come to burn up some of the extra pounds I packed on during our vacation. All that good food I savored has come back and bit me!

My worst patch of shingles that occurred on my upper left arm is drying up and soon I'll forget I ever had it. It's still a bit annoying at times but not nearly as bad as some cases I've heard about.

I hope you've all enjoyed some vacation time this year or will be getting away soon. Getting out of our normal routines is good and returning to them has its fine points as well.

Let me know where you've been or where you're going if you have a minute.

Enjoy this first Sunday in August and the upcoming week.


Gullible said...

In Fairbanks as we speak, Shaddy. Wedding reception this afternoon, then we're rolling, rolling, rolling back south.

Spiralstyle said...

I'm leaving on Tuesday for Seattle to visit some family and then on to Montana with my husband to stay with some friends and fish.

Shaddy said...

Gully: I checked an Alaska map so I'd have an idea of where you are presently. You're north and east of Moose Pass. I know you'll enjoy the wedding reception and all of the things you do as you roll back towards home. I'm glad you have Pablo for a traveling companion. Anyone who messes with you will be sorry!

Spiralstyle: Oh, cool. Seattle is a great city. Enjoy visiting with family there and fishing in Montana. Lots of elbow room in that state, I bet! I'd love to hear about any fish you catch. I caught two-three inch perch in MN. Let's see if you can beat that! :)

Rob said...

Shaddy, good to hear you had a good vacation! Welcome back! And extra pounds? Sheesh, you must have stored those in a separate picture or phtoshopped them out :P

I do apologize for not keeping up with your blog as I normally. Things have been hectic at home with the new baby on the way (as opposed to an old baby, right?)

I'll do better about being a regular commenter! :)

Shaddy said...

Rob: You've definitely got important things to be attending to with the "new as opposed to old" baby on the way. I hope all is going well with your entire family and that when the new arrival actually arrives, you'll tell us all about it on your blog.

Sarah said...

Oh good, I'm glad the shingles are clearing up my dear. Wow. That must have been tough. You look fantastic in that picture girl!!! Love it.


I'm gonna sneak in Deborah's suitcase to go to Seattle, wanna go too? Ugh! FUN!

Shaddy said...

Sarie: Thank you, Sarie.
I'd love to join you in Deb's suitcase and enjoy Seattle with the two of you. How cool would that be??!!! Very, I'm sure!!

I tried to e-mail you some more pix of the gas pump and loons but they wouldn't go through. I think I may have been sending too many at once. I'm send smaller batches ASAP.

Enjoy LaCrosse and Mankato. Hopefully, without rain!

Annie said...

My hubby and I are dating again! My kids are way older, 21 and 15 and insist on staying home. So...hubby and I have taken some day trips around Michigan. This past weekend we visited Frankenmuth so I could begin my Christmas shopping. It sure was fun but I think I gained 20 lbs from eating way too much fudge and chicken!!! Seattle sounds nice but I think I would love to hitch up with Gullible and go to Alaska. My dad subscribes to Alaska Magazine and then passes it to me when he is done reading it. It is one of my favorite magazines! And the pictures are breathtaking! Happy rest of the week!

Shaddy said...

Annie: Wow! That's wonderful that your hubby and you are dating again. You just never know how things are going to work out, do you?
Day trips in Michigan sound like great fun. Gullible lives in Alaska so she knows the state inside and out. Check out her blog, Gullible's Travels, listed under my blog list over there on the left.
Live, love and laugh!

Walk said...

Welcome home Little Shadow. Your vacation pictures were wonderful. It's always good to get away. If these 100 deg days keep up, I'm buying the shed behind Gully's house and have a summer house in Moose Pass. That might prove interesting.

Shaddy said...

Walk: Thanks for stopping in, my friend. Do you mean dog days? I've not heard of deg days, let alone 100 of them!!

You're a smart man with your wishful plans to buy the shed behind Gully's place in Moose Pass. It would indeed be interesting, very, very interesting and much cooler than Oklahoma!

How's your poison oak rash doing? All better, I hope.

Tina Tarnoff said...

goodness, that reminds me I've got to start excercising :( Running?! I admire you!