Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Half-Assed Tour of Beckman Mill by Shaddy

My bike ride on Tuesday afternoon took me to Beckman Mill. I haven't been on a single one of the tours offered on Saturdays and Sundays, thus the title of my blog post. I have pictures of what I saw as I wandered around the grounds, but I can't tell you specifically what's in the photos.
But wait now. Maybe I do have some knowledge to offer. Regarding that first building, I've been in a gift shop or two and I suspect a creamery makes cream and maybe butter? I can assuredly promise that the long, skinny, striped varmint on the sidewalk is a gopher. (I was thrilled and amazed that he stood still long enough for me to hastily fumble with my camera and shoot). One more thing. I know for a fact those big old yellow things are sunflowers.
Heck, I'm a better tour guide than I give myself credit for. Why, you just listen up. I know for a fact that the sober-faced man isn't real (I pinched him and he didn't budge); he's a stuffed shirt, and trousers. His wife was standing on his right, but she was uglier and creepier than him so I high-tailed it to the next point of interest.
I, sure as shooting, don't know a thing about the mechanical contraptions and I haven't the slightest idea what kind of foolery goes on at the Cooperage establishment. I do know a garden when I see one, but that orange thing growing in it is the color of a pumpkin but the shape of a squash. Why is life so cotton-picking complicated? Darned if I don't feel like an idiot from dawn 'til dusk, and then at bedtime I have nightmares.
Wait a minute now. Please don't lose confidence in me; hang on for just a bit longer. It's time to get serious.
I saved the most important thing I know about Beckman Mill 'til last. My youngest brother, John, and his fiance, Phyllis, will be married at the footbridge in September. Please join in hoping and praying that the day is beautiful for the wedding ceremony.
Isn't that covered bridge an awesome place for a wedding ceremony?



beautiful photos!

Annie said...

Love your 'guided tour'! And hopeful prayers for a beautiful wedding day! And yes! I did write the poem in my post Believe :) Annie

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the sunflower with the bumblebee! What a great shot!

Lia said...

I love that mill building, it has conversation written all over it, but that's just the builder in me lol. Honestly it would make a beautiful family home.
Mind you, you seem to have so many truly great buildings in your part of the World, that I doubt I would be hard to find a family home that looked like that mill. You certainly have some lovely architecture there.
By the way I hope that's not a photo of a new boyfriend standing in that field, although he is rather
much love,
Lia xx