Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Question of Productivity

I've selected the Lucinda Grand font because it's the only way I can elevate today to a place worthy of recognition. The bike ride I planned to take today fell through the cracks. It was a beautiful day to be out and about but I failed to take advantage of it. I just couldn't muster the motivation to get myself out the door and onto my Trek.

I ventured out on the deck this morning to drink my coffee and found myself intrigued by the bugs moving about in the bushes beside me. That indicates my state of mind. I wandered outside later with a bowl of bing cherries and watched the birds eat at the bird feeder. The coffee hadn't done its job.

I basically wasted the day and now after having a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Janesville with Lon, I'm wasting the rest of the evening too.

Evenings are meant to be wasted if you ask me, but not an entire day.

Tomorrow will be here soon. I'll try to be more productive although I'm never overly so. Unless blogging is being productive.

What do you think?


Sharon Lippincott said...

In my book, blogging is totally productive. Maybe sometimes we need to "waste" a day, especially if it's spent on something as amazing as watching bugs. Yesterday I watched a spider wrap up a fly caught in its web. The spider had the most awesome abdomen -- it was as big as the tip of my little finger huge (considering the spider was tiny as a pinhead otherwise), black, and oddly shaped. Rather than being spherical, it had blended "facets" with spikey thingies where three surfaces cornered. It looked a bit like an ancient mace. Round and round the fly it went. Suddenly it stopped, held the abdomen out, and ejected three miniscule drops of opaque golden dew, then went back to its work of encasing the fly with invisible strands of webbing. Fascinating! I could have spent the day watching that...

Shaddy said...

Thank you for your supportive and extremely interesting comments. Nature is so amazing if only we allow ourselves the time to see what's going on out there amidst it.
The bugs I watched weren't doing anything special but I still enjoyed observing their colors and movements. One looked like a beetle and had a gold metallic sheen to its shell. The other bug was all long legs and even longer narrow wings.
Your observations of the spider and the fly are fascinating indeed. The description you wrote of the spider's actions and its appearance are splendid.
I'm more curious about nature now because of you.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Some days I find it is good for the soul to spend time inside of ones space instead of traveling to and fro in the world. To be mindless and just accept that things are, without feeling the need to interact or to change them, has a way of bringing me closer to the beauty of this world.

Nature has a powerful healing affect on the soul. Even if the task is as small as watching the business of a bug, or the morning breakfast of a bird, these small things remind me of how much joyful life, energy, and love surrounds me. It is almost incomprehensible how many small things God felt were important enough to exist in our world. It is almost sad to imagine how many precious lives gasp their first breath and later slip away that we are never blessed enough to touch.

So, you ask, my friend, whether blogging is being constructive. Today, I was blessed when touched by your world. Today I know that your precious life has given me reason to rejoice in the simple matters of a bug.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: I'd be lost without fellow bloggers like you. It's amazing that we can all draw so close although in physically we're far apart.
I cherish these bonds.

Annie said...

In this world of cell phones, and other techno gadgets and a hurried pace, I see nothing wrong with taking time out to enjoy not only nature but just 'being'. I don't look at your day as one of waste at all. I look at it as a refueling. Sometimes doing 'nothing' is all it takes to refresh our minds, bodies and souls. When my kids tell me they are bored, I tell them that is good because it means their brains can relax. If more of us took 'wasted' days, there would be less stress in the world. And maybe more people would smile, laugh and spread joy even when they are wearing their business uniforms!!! Blessings and hope you treat yourself to another 'wasted' day in the future. Annie

Lia said...

Hi beautiful,
lovely photos and post as always.
I am seriously thinking of printing off that photo of you on your bike and sticking it on to my fridge, as inspiration to keep me out of mine.
You look amazing, if that's hoe you waste your days,then it is certainly doing you a world of good and you should carry on wasting them away.
much love,
Lia xx