Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thursday Evening at Papa Boo's

Our four-day vacation began on a sunny, beautiful day here in Wisconsin. We drove through Illinois, Indiana and into Ohio. Our destination, Buckeye Lake, east of Columbus (not northeast as I stated in a previous post) is located in the middle of Ohio. Perfect weather traveled the eight-hour trip with us and stayed with us for the next three days.

Lynnette and Alice live in a home right on Buckeye Lake. Lynnette’s parents, Marilyn and Dick, have a summer home just a hop, skip and a jump from Lynnette’s house. It wasn’t being used so we slept and showered there. A three-minute walk was all that separated their houses. This close proximity made for perfect private accommodations for our three-night stay. Are we fortunate or what!

Late afternoon after we arrived at the lake, we enjoyed a relaxing drink on the deck beside the lake with our hosts. Next, we boarded Lynnette and Alice’s pontoon boat and headed to Papa Boo’s lakeside restaurant for supper. As we pulled away from the dock, we passed a Cranberry Bog that provides a partial barrier between a wide section of the lake and their property. As we drove between the bog and the shoreline, I snapped random photos of neighboring homes that we passed on our ride along the shore line. Beyond the bog, the lake opened up and the great diversity of permanent and summer homes entertained us as we savored the peace and quiet the lake provides.

The air temperature during our pontoon boat ride to dinner was absolutely perfect and the atmosphere of our evening was lovely. We always enjoy the time we share with Lynnette and Alice. Our first evening together flowed beautifully and we knew we were in for a wonderful weekend.

As we were leaving our outside deck table at Papa Boo’s, I captured the deep blood-red sunset photo. The lights from the restaurant and the boats held us spellbound as we sauntered to the boat, boarded and set off. We nonchalantly cruised the shore line as we headed home. Unfortunately, I failed to set the camera properly for the gorgeously lit palm trees along the waterfront of a home we passed. You can see them, but they were much brighter and more vibrant than they appear in the photo.

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Linda Yezak said...

Sounds like a great time, Shaddy. I love your pictures! You have a way with that camera!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful four day excusion. And your pictures make it feel like we were there too!

Lia said...

What a lovely place to live.
You all look like you had a good time.
Great photo's as always.
much love
Lia xx.

Shaddy said...

Linda, Mary Anne, and Lia: Thanks for joining in the fun. I'm happy to hear that you're liking the photos. I enjoy myself more when I'm looking for something to photograph.