Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

Tomorrow's the big day! My youngest brother, John, and his fiance, Phyllis, will be married on this footbridge at 2:30 on Sunday, September 6th, 2009.
Phyllis, my four brothers (Tom, Bob, Carl and John) and I and our families have been partying since Friday when those who reside in Michigan (Tom, Carl and his family) arrived here in Beloit and John's daughter, Brittany, arrived from Appleton. We gathered at John's home on the Rock River Friday afternoon and evening and then again most of the day and evening today. And that's only half of it! Phyllis' parents, sisters and their families joined in the festivities today as well as our Aunt Dorothy (we call her Babe) and Uncle Allen. The weather has been absolutely perfect and the good times just keep a coming.
I can't tell you all about the fun I've been having, at least not quite yet. It's late (Saturday evening) and I'm needing to hit the sack. I've been taking lots of pictures and I promise to take more tomorrow.
Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you.



aw congratulations to John and Phyllis!

Rob said...

That's a GREAT bridge on which to be married! Congrats to John and Phyllis from me as well! Thanks for sharing all of this with us Shaddy. You rock!

Lia said...

That is such a lovely place to get married, I'm sure you live in "Once Upon A Time" land, it's such a beautiful, charming and enchanted place.

I am certain that you will all have a great day and congrats to the happy couple.

I'm sure we will all be there in spirit.
much love to you all, especially the happy couple,
Lia xx

Anonymous said...

Auntie can attest to the great party and picnic on Saturday. It was great to see the whole family and to enjoy the great food. We are so happy for John and Phyllis, they are a perfect match. Shaddy I know you will capture the wedding with your magic technique.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures!! The footbridge is soooo cool, and I love the waterfall behind it. Stunning place for a wedding!

Anonymous said...