Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shaddy's Shopping Show

***************A bright yellow and orange flower shop, how cute is that?

The blue Scandinavia shop and Hedgehog Gifts sit on the tip of the Door County peninsula at Gills Rock. A photo on the wall inside Hedgehog Gifts showed the shop completely encased in ice. Lake Michigan is ruthless in the winter months.

We always stop in the Hedgehog Gifts shop. This year, we bought the chubby fellow and added him to our hedgehog collection. We bought the one on the left in 2003 and stubby in 2005. Presently, the trio hangs out atop our pub table. We don't mind since they don't drink much.

Tastes like mud...was ground this morning.....oh, I get it!!

************A coffee shop, antiques and Charlene's Gallery Ten occupy this spacious building.

We bought the rustic table below at Charlene's Gallery Ten. It's perfect beside my reading chair in our bedroom. A folded card on the table as it sat in the gallery informed us that it was made by Jim Goodwin with spalted maple from a tree harvested in December, 2005, on Washington Island (just off the tip of Door County). That fact cinched the sale.

Lon's had good luck at the Yacht Works shop over the years. Summer clothes are always marked down.

I bought the blue turtleneck and black v-neck sweaters at Ecology Sports. The fabric is described as chenille feather fleece and is 100% nylon. I agree with the warning tags statement: This silky-soft sweater is impossible to resist! So irresistable, I had to have two.

This is Solbjorg's, a Norwegian giftware gallery. It's a naughty place. I innocently walked in and was immediately tempted by the necklace in the photo below. Before I knew what was happening, my credit card jumped out of my purse. Soon thereafter, I left the premises with the aforementioned necklace nestled in a box, swinging in a bag from my hand. Naughty, but nice, right?

I love pumpkins, corn stalks, mums and all the other fall plants gathered in this sidewalk collection.

These are just a few of the Top of the Hill Shops.

I think I know what's transpiring here between these shoppers sitting on the bench. She's telling him all the things she bought while he sat innocently on the bench relaxing. He's reacting as many men do.

**********Isn't that the truth! Good clothes are definitely an invaluable asset, absolutely worth the investment. In fact, I won't leave the house without them!

Sunshine & Co. is tucked behind the main street in Fish Creek but worth the effort to seek it out.

**************There's no end to the unique ways owners decorate their shops. When you think you've seen it all, you turn a corner and there's another sight to catch your eye.

I like that bike hanging in the archway in front of this shop.

The shops in Door County draw Lon and I like magnets, extremely strong magnets. They draw us both equally and that's great.
If you have an interest in other features of Door County, please see my previous posts.


Anonymous said...

Auntie thinks you two are great shoppers , I love everything you purchased. I think there are a lot of new shops since our visits there, which is quite a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to shop. I could spend all day browsing. I think I would have to turn the plastic over the Big J to keep from putting us in a sizeable debt. There were so many interesting places in these photo's. Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure.

Walk said...

I can see how you can spend so much time exploring the shops there. I love places like that and tend to spend more than I intended to. What fun would it be to be a spend-thrift, you can do that at home.

Gullible said...

Oh, boy. Dangerous place to shop. Self-immolation of the credit card threatens.

I like the cut-lines under the photos, Shaddy. Makes things make more sense.

Rob said...

Another great pic-trip Shaddy! I LOVE that table! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Shaddy said...

Auntie: I appreciate your comments regarding our purchases. You're right about the shops. Many of them change hands from year to year.

darksculptures: We truly enjoy the shopping we do in Door County. Actually, we used our debit cards so everything is paid for already. That's a good feeling.

Walk: I like the way you think. Come shop with us anytime.

Gullible: I inaccurately said we used our credit cards. We used debit cards so all is well.

Rob: The table is unique alright. We like it because of its individuality and the minimal amount of carpenter's reshaping.

Lia said...

What a wonderful place.
I really want a real shop one day and this place looks perfect.
How fabulous to be in amongst all those creative people.
I was so born in the wrong part of the World.

Lovely post Shaddy, one day I am going to visit you,just so you can take me to all the wonderful places you go to.

Much love,

Annie said...

What a wonderful find! I have never been to Door County but I think I would like it! Just walking around to the different shops would be delightful! Love the little hedgehogs. So cute!!!


Such a charming that rustic table!
The bike's wheels hanging in the archway in front of this shop, look like the 'eyes' of the! Have a great new week Shaddy! ~xo*

Shaddy said...

Lia: Door County teems with creative people alright. You'd fit right in.

Annie: My brother said that Traverse City in your state of Michigan sounds very similar to Door County. Our hedgehogs are a constant and pleasant reminder of our visits to Gills Rock at the tip of the county.

Lenore: I hadn't perceived the wheels as eyes but now that you mentioned it, I can see it too (with my own two eyes). Make yours a great week too, Lenore.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Thank you for taking us all to see the sights! I know how it is with those evil credit cards jumping out of your bag. They are just so hard to control sometimes! In this case, though, I think they did the right thing. LOL It's a beautiful necklace!

Shaddy said...

Mary Anne: Thank YOU for visiting my blog and for commenting. I've worn the necklace several times so it's already proven its worth.