Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sizzling Summer Fun On Saturday

Brittany and Beth, my nieces, are too cute to be real, but believe me, they are. (This photo was actually taken on Sunday, but I like it so much I'm posting it here as well!)
Drew and Carl in John's back yard.

Views along the river.

Lou on the boat.

Lou (Phyllis' brother-in-law), Phyllis and Colin (Phyllis' nephew).
Sidney and Esther (Phyllis' parents) looking real good.
Bonnie (Bob's wife) on the boat waiting for a ride.
Beth enjoying a breeze.
Bob (my brother) coming in from the pier.

John and Bob fishing while Ryan and Drew watch.

Lou, Pat, Ryan, Sidney and Tom watching the fishermen.

Way to go! Carl's got something hooked.

It's in the net. What kind of fish it is, I can't remember, probably a carp or sheepshead.
Carl and Lon soaking up some sunshine.
Brittany and John. What can I say? Looks like they're happy!
Abby and me. Abby's so much fun to hold. She's just the right size and such a good baby. We barely heard a sound from her except when she was "talking."
Sonya (one of Phyllis' three sisters), her husband-Tyrone and son-Colin.
Abby, Sarah and Ryan--a picture-perfect family. We're all so happy for them. Besides having a beautiful baby girl, they recently bought an awesome house in Michigan.
Abby, Sarah and Ryan once again.

Bob setting up a fishing pole.

Jared trying to get Brittany to do some fishing too.

Carl and Bonnie behind John's house.
Eating and relaxing by the river.
Drew on the boat.
Lon and Beth.
Drew, Beth and Britt by the river.
Phyllis, Colin and John cruising the mighty Rock River.

Britt, Jared, John, Drew and Bob coming or going from the pier.
Uncle Allen and Aunt Dorothy (Babe) came to see us all. Babe is one of my biggest blog fans. She comments regularly and I love her for it.

Abby in her cute kimono. She sat up for the first time the night before!
Sarah and Abby cuddling.

It was fun to get together with our family and Phyllis'. Her parents, three sisters and their spouses and children shared in the fun.

The weather, as you can see, was perfect for the picnic, boat rides, fishing and volleyball.
(My final post based on the wedding weekend will be coming soon. I hope everyone in the family has been enjoying the photos. I appreciate all my blogging friends who patiently come in, look at the photos and leave a few words, even though they don't know the faces their looking at).
Sorry about the photo captions. The caption always describes the photo above it even though it may be closer to the photo below it. I have to be careful when I try to eliminate space above and below the pictures because sometimes I end up deleting a photo.
Let me tell you, as I get older, everything becomes more challenging!! Fortunately, I'm quite stubborn and try my best to get things right, even if it takes me forever!


Lia said...

You all look like such a lovely family.
much love,
Lia xx

Anonymous said...

You really captured all your fun with whole family, I still say you could not find a more beautiful place for all your activities. Speaking of capturing you even managed to get us old people. I am glad you gave your camera to I,m guessing Lon so we could see some shots of you. Much love,Auntie.

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful, close knit family. Abby is a real cutie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics with Sarah, Abby, and I together. We don't have very many pics with all three of us together. It was a great trip. - Ryan

Anonymous said...


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