Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Things Are Meant To Be...

The setting for the wedding ceremony was the footbridge at Beckman Mill.
Esther (the bride's mother), the pastor, John (the groom and my brother) and Brittany (John's daughter) awaiting the bride.
Phyllis and her father, Sidney approaching the footbridge.
Phyllis' father brings her to John.

Phyllis places John's wedding ring on his finger.
John places Phyllis' wedding ring on her finger.
The pastor blesses their marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. John Doll and smiles all around.

My brothers, Tom, John, Bob, Carl and I behaving the best we can.

A beautiful sunset followed the wonderful wedding day.

My brother's wedding was beautiful as evidenced in the photos here on my blog. Perhaps, because I'm John's sister, I felt that every step of the ceremony was important and I've included each moment in a picture. For instance, initially, John and Phyllis faced the pastor. At the appropriate time, they turned to face each other. As they placed the wedding rings on each other's hand and when the pastor placed his hand over theirs, I fortunately was able to capture it all.
At this point, I should introduce you to John's daughter, Brittany, and Phyllis' mother, Esther, who stood up with the bride and groom during the wedding. Phyllis' father, Sidney, gave her away.
John and Phyllis have been enjoying each other's company for twenty-one years, although living separately, thus, this wedding was a particularly grand occasion. (Did you happen to notice the joyous smile on Phyllis' mother's face immediately after the ceremony?)
Although Mom and Dad aren't with us any longer, I know without a doubt that as they look down from their lofty home above, they are extremely pleased that John and Phyllis have wed and that the family came together to join in the celebration.
Needless to say, I have quite a large collection of photos (in other words, hundreds) that I took on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can't wait to post them here so I can introduce you to the rest of the family and share some of the great fun we all had over the weekend.


Rob said...

Beautifully captured Shad-ster! Congrats again to the happy couple!

Walk said...

Beautiful setting with beautiful people. Just one thing I'd like to know, did he ever get to kiss the bride? I know, you were all teared up then and couldn't focus your camera, I understand. :>)

My congrats also to the happy couple.

Annie said...

What a beautiful setting and a beautiful wedding! Blessings and Congrats to them both! Am looking forward to learning more about your family...

Sarah said...

Ohhhh, I am so happy for both of them. Phylis looks so cute. I love the way she smiles and the way you captured her on this day. It's truly a beautiful setting and your pictures are wonderful. I'm sooooo thrilled for them.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great, almost feel like I was right there. Sure was a neat place to have a wedding. Auntie says I sure have a nice bunch of relees.John and Phyllis make a nice couple and I wish them all the best.

Shaddy said...

Rob, Walk, Annie, Sarah, Auntie: Thank you so very much for sharing in the joy of John and Phyllis' wedding day. Your sweet comments are priceless and greatly appreciated. To those of you who don't know my family personally, your kindness is immeasurable.

I am Alive said...

Even I cann't wait more to see those pics... The Wedding looked beautiful... My family is also huge.. and what's more imp. that Size is the bond we all share between us... I wish i can post sumthing about them on my blog.. but then whole purpose of Anonymous blog would be lost :)
Lets see if I can make some allusions...
Good to come to ur blog Shaddy .. i love u...


aww these pictures are so sweet! congratulations!!!!

and thank you so much for your beautiful comment for me! you're really nice! :)


Shaddy said...

I am Alive and Shokoofeh: Thank you for stopping here and commenting. Now I've got more pictures to post.

Lia said...

Shaddy, thank you for taking us allalong as your guests.
Lovely wedding, such a nice place to get married.
Didn't every body look so lovely.
The happy couple were very radiant.
I dohope they willbe very happy together.
Much love,
Lia xx

Shaddy said...

Lia: THANK YOU for your time and kind comments. You're a dear friend.

Anonymous said...

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