Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunday, Pre-Wedding Photos

These first pictures were taken at John's before we left for the wedding.

Ryan with Abby as she takes a late morning nap.

Drew looking good.

Britt dressed for the wedding ceremony.

Life's pretty easy for Abby when she's in Uncle Drew's arms.

Is Abby just too cute or what!!

Abby keeping an eye on things.

Hey Britt, can you help me out? Looking your best takes some concentration and attention to details.

John's getting help from Britt.

Britt assisting John with his formal attire. It ain't easy to attach those formal ties!

John and me, his one and only sister. I guess that makes me his favorite!! Yay!!
Ryan, Tom, Jared and John. A vest too!! Holy cow, this guy's serious.

Abigail all dressed up for the wedding. Isn't that Dalmation print dress and cardigan with matching collar just the cutest outfit? Another living and breathing Doll.

Sarah, Ryan and Abby dressed up and ready for anything.


The following pictures were taken at Beckman Mill right before the wedding ceremony.
Ryan and Abby checking the vegetables in the Beckman Mill garden for ripeness and bounce. I think Abby was trying to get some vitamin A from that leaf. Her mom, Sarah, is a nutrition expert and Abby's been paying attention.
Lon and Travis (Britt's friend) probably talking about fishing experiences.
John and I smiling and happy about the day.
Phyllis' sister-Cindy and Cindy's husband-Pat enjoying the day.
Tom and Carl happy to be here, too.
Lou's daughter-Kristina, Lou (Phyllis' sister Jackie's husband), Travis (Britt's friend), Britt and Drew. Putting on corsages can be challenging, but Travis rises to the occasion.
Phyllis' sister-Sonya, her sons-Donovan and Colin, and her husband-Tyrone awaiting the ceremony.
Maria-Bob and Bonnie's daughter, Bob and Bonnie happy to be at the wedding.
Jim's wife-Jennifer, Jim-Bob's son and Drew shooting the breeze.
Sarah, Abby, Ryan and Carl enjoying the moment beside one of the buildings on the mill property.
Britt and Beth with ear-to-ear smiles. You've seen this photo before, but since I love it-here it is again.
Abby, Sarah and Bob too.
It's time to be seated at the footbridge.
Phyllis' sisters (from left to right): Sonya, Jackie and Cindy after the wedding. I included this photo with the ceremony photos but it slipped through the cracks somehow during the publishing and posting processes. I definitely wanted to include it.
Thus, I conclude the story of JOHN AND PHYLISS' WEDDING. I hope you've enjoyed seeing it all in my last several blog posts. If any family members want me to e-mail them any particular photos, just e-mail me your requests and I'll gladly send them.
My final thoughts are these: John and Phyllis' feelings for each other have withstood the test of time and their future will undoubtedly only deepen the bond between them.


Lia said...

Thank you for taking us to the wedding, it is wonderful to be able to put names to faces.
It looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Much love,
Lia xx

Shaddy said...

Lia: You're so kind to share in the fun we had by looking at the photos. It certainly was a weekend to remember with all the family together.


Congratulation to the newlyweds!
Abigail is such a darling...I want to squeeze her cheeks! The photo in the plant bush is too adorable!!


Shaddy said...

Lenore: Oh yes, Abby has wonderfully kissable cheeks. She's just the cutest--so smiley. We may see her again at Thanksgiving, I hope, I hope, I hope...

Thank you for the congratulations--I'll make sure John and Phyllis get your wishes.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

It looks like a wonderful wedding. And Abigail is adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Rob said...

A great lookin group they are! Great pictures too!