Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winning With The World-Wide Web

My day started out as usual this past Tuesday. I dragged myself from bed, showered, dressed and made it to work at one minute before 8:00.

When I finally "really" woke up and came to my senses, I realized the DJ on the office radio was offering to give away two tickets to an upcoming Buddy Holly Story performance and dinner if a listener could answer a question correctly.
The early show DJ at WGEZ, Robert Anthony (the star of my last blog post) asked, "Who played bass for Buddy Holly?" As usual, in regard to most music trivia, I had no clue but I wanted desperately to win the tickets. I turned to my know-it-all friend, the internet. I frantically entered "Buddy Holly's bass player" in the search engine and when the list of websites came up, I scanned the page until I saw the answer, Waylon Jennings.

Armed with the all-important answer, I dialed 368-1490, hoping and praying no one would squeeze in a call and correct answer ahead of me. When I responded to the contest question with the name, Waylon Jennings, Robert declared me the winner.

Thus, on November 6th, Lon and I will enjoy dinner and The Buddy Holly Story (tickets are selling for $52) thanks to DJ Robert Anthony's morning show ticket giveaway and my reliable friend, the world-wide web. As always, it's not what you know, but who you know.
Dinner and The Buddy Holly Show are described in detail on (Click on the large colorful Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story-sign). The amazing dinner menu has my mouth watering already.
There seems to be no end to my luck. The dinner and performance will be held at the Beloit Ironworks Building, giving Lon and I a chance to experience a site we've not yet visited.


Mary Anne Gruen said...

It sounds like good luck coupled with serious smarts! Congratulations!

We saw something like that on Broadway years ago and enjoyed it very much. People even got up and started dancing in the aisles. Have fun!

Gullible said...

Like you said, it's not what you know, but.... Congrats. Hope you have an aisle seat, per Mary Anne's post.

Shaddy said...

Mary Anne: Thank you. I'm just smart enough to know where to go for answers!!

Gully: Thanks. I'm going to The Beloit Ironworks Building to watch others perform; I'll stay in my seat where I belong considering my dismal dancing abilities.

Cindy said...

Congrats! just found ur blog! I will be following!

Shaddy said...

Cindy: Thank you for stopping here and commenting. I hope you'll continue to enjoy my posts.