Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy & Nutritious Yogurt

Yogurt is a great food. The price of a 6-ounce container of Yoplait Light is around 50 cents. It makes a nice addition to a meal, works as a dessert or as a snack.

I don't know of many other low calorie foods that contain as much protein, calcium and other nutrients and costs so little.
As the carton indicates, L. acidophilus and phenylalanine are available to us in yogurt.
If our body contains too small a colony of L. acidophilus and other friendly bacteria, digestion can be impaired, short-changing us of the full nutritional value from foods. Fewer key vitamins will be synthesized and the immune system may be rendered less effective.
Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. The body needs it for health but can't make it; we need to get it from food.
All of the available ingredients are listed on the carton. I truly believe that I should eat it everyday and I'm really trying to make it a habit. I like to mix in a tablespoon or two of wheat germ to cut the sweet taste and to give me something more substantial to chew on. Of course, wheat germ is a wonderful food as well.
My favorite flavors of Yoplait Light are Strawberry-Orange Sunrise, Apricot Mango, Harvest Peach, Red Raspberry and Key Lime Pie.
(FYO regarding a previous post about apple cider vinegar. I've been drinking the water/vinegar mixture with a straw placed far back on my tongue to keep the acid away from my tooth enamel).
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Annie said...

I love Key Lime Pie too!! I love the Whips brand...light and airy! Although, I just thought of adding some COOL WHIP on top. I bet that would taste yummy!!! I also love orange creamsicle. But I need to eat more of it.

Shaddy said...

Light Cool Whip, right? :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow, I had no clue about most of this. I love your idea of having it with wheat germ Shaddy, I'm doing that in the morning for sure. Thanks for posting all these facts my dear!

Ohhhhh the key lime pie....ohhhhhhh yes, my favorite of all of them.

Shaddy said...

Sarie: I like it best with wheat germ. It gives it some substance. The mixture is so good it's hard to believe it's good for you! I hope you'll enjoy adding yogurt to your diet.

Gully: I came up with the straw idea for drinking the water/vinegar brew. Now I relish my morning tonic. Well, maybe that's stretching it a bit. More accurately, it's easier to drink knowing I'm not doing damage to my tooth enamel.

Anonymous said...

We toss on a little granola for the sake of slowing the experience and forcing me to chew. Without the granola I horse the stuff down like it's ice cream.

They are all so good I don't think I could choose a favorite.

Now I never thought to add more fresh fruit - Thanks for the tip Gully.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: I horse my food down too. We both need to chew slowly and savor the flavors.

Kirsten Lesko said...

Coffee flavor is my favorite. And the old lemon custard style, which I can't find anywhere. Yum!

Have you ever had Brown Cow brand yogurt? SOOO good and extra nutritious because they don't use hormones, corn syrup or artificial flavors.

Can you tell I love yogurt, too? :)

Shaddy said...

Kirsten: No I haven't tried Brown Cow yogurt. I'll look for it next time.

I've not noticed coffee flavored yogurt. Of course, I only go to where the Yoplait Light yogurt is and I don't look around. That's the way I shop at the grocery store. I should take my time and see what else is out there. Duh!!

Vanessa said...

Hey, I saw on last nights "The Biggest Loser" that there is a yogurt called GREEK! Anyone have an idea of what that would be like?

As for our family, we tend to stick to Silhouette 0+ or Yoplait!! I did however try out the Activia brand, but after days of stomach cramps and trips to the ladies room I found it a little too potent! HA