Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laptop Dilemma

If I don't take my laptop with me on vacation, I'll wish I had. If I do take it with me, I'll wish I hadn't.

Aren't you glad you're not me!
My father used to say this about my mother: She doesn't know what she wants and she won't be happy until she gets it.
Well, those words also describe me perfectly. It's a hell of a way to live but I've survived 61 years of it and I don't foresee changing drastically in the near future.

Perhaps, I'll give changing my ways some thought in FL. I'll have ten days to practice a new way of living should I set my mind to it.

But then I'm back to where I started. If I change, I'll wish I hadn't. If I don't change, I'll wish I had.
Once again, aren't you glad you're not me!

Maybe I shouldn't pack any thing at all and see how that works for me. Just take my driver's license so I can get on the plane. Dare me?


Gullible said...

Well, if you don't take your laptop, you better take a journal with you and lots of pens. Those Musi have a habit of showing up when they aren't in familiar surroundings. Just ask mine--wherever she is because she sure isn't in familiar surroundings.

Sarah said...

I dare ya!

Leave. Laptop. Home.
I agree with Gully, but wait 'til you get there, then find a wonderful journal and souvenir pen that will remind you of your vacation.

Travel safe dear and have a wonderful time!!!

Parrot Writes said...

Bet if you take the laptop with you, you won't use it! It's happened to me (and I'm 61 also)!
Just go and have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I triple dog dare you to leave the laptop at home. But I also agree with PW, you'll take it and never use it. So disregard my dare and take the laptop just in case.
I'm a big help, huh?

Rob said...

Ah dear Shaddy just take two bags with you. One for the essentials that you will use and that don't cause this dilemma. The other bag, fill with things that caused this dilemma but then just simply don't open it unless you can't take it. It'll be like a pacifier - if you need it, it will be there but if not then well you'll have changed without changing or ... adapted :)

Natasha said...

I'd take a paper journal. It's kind of fun to use a different mode to record your thoughts when you are in a different setting. And, of course, lots of pictures.

You don't have to worry about losing your laptop or getting sand in it.

We generally take my old Sony VAIO on trips since it's lightweight and I can't imagine being away from the internet for longer than oh, about an hour....

Lia said...

I have no answer to this one, as I would be the same!!!!!!!!!
I suspect if you take it you won't use it.
Which will then maybe help you to decide what to do next time.

Much love

Anonymous said...

I'm with not taking anything but your DL and an empty suitcase. Get what you need while you're there. You may discover things about yourself you never knew and think of how much fun it would be to shop for every event and occasion your vacation brings to you.

Just a thought.

Dee said...

I say take it and share your vacation with us. :)

Gullible said...

Dee has the best idea. Lounging by the beach or pool, laptop posting pix and words. We can all be in the Keys, soaking up sunshine.