Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Me and Vacations

Does returning from vacations stress you out? Since I'm a creature of habit, I wonder if vacations are a good or bad thing for my mental wellness.
We arrived home from the airport a week ago on Sunday at 11:30PM and I had to be at work at 8:00AM on Monday morning. I think that was our big mistake.

Ten days have passed since we returned from our eleven-day vacation. I finally feel like I've got a grip again. Trying to catch up on everything at work and here at home has been stressful. If it were up to me, and me alone, I would probably stay home except for rather short trips.
I had tons more work waiting for me than I expected at the dental office. Besides that, Dr.'s chairside assistant had her baby on last week on Tuesday so we had a substitute come in to help him for the next six weeks. You know how it is whenever someone new arrives on the job.
I was exhausted at the end of each day last week and then had more work to face at home. I can't relax when my stuff isn't where it belongs and I don't feel right until I'm somewhat in control of my life. I have a tendency to be obsessive compulsive which explains some of my predicament.

I caught up with vacation and the usual loads of laundry on Saturday and Sunday; all mail has been opened and bills have been paid. I went to NorthPointe to workout on Tuesday afternoon last week and yesterday for a mere hour's workout. I didn't go on the weekend at all. That clearly indicates that things aren't right. My stomach has been upset off and on and I've had recurring headaches all week. I thought I was coming down with the flu last week, but fortunately I didn't.

I'm glad I had enough sense to stay away from my normal exercise schedule lately. Often, I ignore my aches and pains. Soon, I'm sure I'll be ready for physical activity again.

When we plan a vacation, Lon is normally the instigator. He's the one who gets the ball rolling. He is so good to me all year long, each and every single day, that I think he definitely deserves to get away from his normal routine, especially for our yearly vacation in Florida. He talks about it all year long.
I don't mean to sound unappreciative regarding our vacation because it was a lot of fun and I did enjoy all of it. It's just that getting back in the swing of things after a trip wears me out. I just needed to vent a bit on the inevitable downside of vacations and where else can I do that without getting kicked in the shins or slapped in the face.

You won't do that, will you? Ahh...I bet you would if you could reach me!!
(Interested in calligraphy? If so, see my previous post).
P.S. Stephanie brought Jake into the office yesterday and I got to hold him. Awesome. He's even cuter than in his pictures).


Anonymous said...

I always love the vacation, but it is the travel to and back that wears me out. I always try to make sure there are at least two recovery days before I have to try and get back into the swing of normal routine. But even with that little extra planning the return to normal seems a bit of a struggle. Maybe we are creatures of habit!

Kirsten Lesko said...

I found your blog on a friend's site and thought I'd check it out.

I'm usually worn out by the time the vacation rolls around just from all the preparations! And I'm totally zonked when I get home. If I go anywhere now, it's for at least a month. Otherwise, we're a stay-cation family!

Anonymous said...

Auntie can relate to your dilemma, years ago when i would go on vacation no one spent any time in my office which was OK with me in one way because I did not want them to foul anything up.
I am sure you will get everything under control fast.On your calligraphy blog, I vaguely remember when you took those classes. Take time to enjoy our beautiful weather. D & D returning from Keyes today will think this is great.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: Yes, traveling either on the road or in the air is tiring. It's weird. We're basically just sitting there so why the fatigue? Perhaps it goes back to being out of our comfort zone and our normal routine.
Kirsten: It's great to get a comment from you. Oh yes, the packing etc. is a stretch for me too. What do I take??? I want to take everything I own!! Just in case...
Aunt Babe: Actually, I never did take calligraphy classes. I just picked it up on my own. The pen I bought had instructions with examples of the alphabet in several writing styles. Maybe you're thinking of Mom's rosemaling classes. D and D are very fortunate to return to warm temps here in WI.

Sarah said...

Oh my dear girl. I so sorry you're feeling a bit stressed in returning to the swing of things. Yep, it can be tough indeed, I totally agree. I think we should just always be on vacation!! :)

Um, nooooooo don't really feel the need to kick you in the shins or slap you. LOL! Funny.

Big hugs honey, take it easy. I sure hope those headaches stay away! As you know I had mine for 2 dang weeks!! Now Russ has it...oh boy.

Love you Shaddy,

Shaddy said...

Sarie: Thanks for your empathy. I almost didn't post this because all my whining about post-vacation stress was making me want to slap myself.

I am feeling better now. I'm putting up with only minor headaches which I almost always have. I hope your headaches have hit the road.

Gullible said...

The very best vacations are the ones where you have to rest up when you get home because you've had too much fun.

Shaddy said...

Gully: If I was retired like you, I'd be fine and dandy after each and every vacation.

Have a blast at Halibut Cove with Gerri! Did you notice if I'm behind her chair?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to remember your own advice. Let it go and don't sweat the small stuff.
You don't have to put everything right as soon as you return. Let things sit for a day or two and get acclimated before you stress over unpacking and cleaning.
Also, if exercising is one of the few things you do just for you, then maybe you should get back to it and let everything else wait.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, it would take a brave soul to slap or kick you. You're in better shape then most people.

Shaddy said...

dayner: You're so right about letting the unpacking wait but I try to do that and I can't. I tell myself on the trip home that when I arrive, I'll gradually get things laundered and put away, pay bills, etc.
Once I arrive home, I'm driven to get things back to normal and all my self-talk is buried under the rush.
My husband is worse than I am so it's a hopeless situation.
Nevertheless, I appreciate your input.
Oh, by the way. Trust me, I do plenty of things just for me! Don't feel sorry for me in that department!

Lia said...

Ah Shaddy, would we kick you, most certainly not.
I always joke that I need a holiday to get over the holiday, which is why I don't tend to do them very often.
I like holidays, it's just the aftermath that does me in and drives me nuts.

Your not alone in feeling the way you do when you get back.

Much love

Eci si Cami said...

To smile as the picture you had a great time! Congratulations for the post and blog! It is very interesting and beautiful! We will read and comment with great pleasure!
Me and my family greet you with respect!

Shaddy said...

Lia: I posted this in hopes of getting a response like yours. Knowing I'm not totally strange is comforting. We must go back to allowing a weekend home before returning to work. That's what we have done in the past.

Eci si Cami: I appreciate your respect and you kind comments. Come again anytime.

Lia said...

thanks for letting me know about the blog still playing up.
What has just happened to you is what keeps happening to me and it's sending me mad.

You look in your side bar get all excited then it say it doesn't exist.
I think I have to seriously consider moving!!!!! Oh well looks like my Easter just got busy ha ha.

By the way forgot to say earlier. You look fantastic in that photo.
I am drawing inspiration from you.

much love

Shaddy said...

Lia: Now your blog is working fine again. Go figure!!

Natasha said...

One thing I've learned is that housework and laundry are VERY patient -- they'll wait forever for you! So take it easy and relax -- it'll still be there later.

I LOVE long road trips and am itching for our next one, probably in late April/early May.

Hope you're feeling better!

Annie said...

Girl, you look great in that suit!!! And you are an inspiration to me to keep on exercising! I bought a suit for the summer and hope to start going back to the gym to get into the pool for some laps.
I totally understand how you feel after a long deserved vacation. That is why I never take longer than a weekend because I know I will quit my job and retire!! LOL!!! On to read your post about calligraphy :)