Friday, March 19, 2010

Siesta Key (Post #6)

...early morning from our balcony...

Magically, every morning we notice that the pool area and deck are immaculately clean and the chairs are perfectly arranged.

Inside the condo, things aren't so nice and neat. We haven't located the magic wand yet. I used to keep things picked up but it seems like a waste of valuable vacation time. Don't you agree?

My mother's cousin, Marilyn, is an avid reader. Here are a few of her books. I see several I'd like to read. How about you?

I love the condo decor.

We have a great view of the pool and the gulf here where we eat breakfast and play Yahtzee. The gulf waters are visible just below the tips of the angled tops of those condos straight ahead. To the right of those condos, we have an awesome, clear view of the gulf.

Our laid back attitude is evident here as well. You can still see how beautiful the condo is.
The kitchen is in the rear with a window overlooking the tennis courts.

This hanging light is above the dining room table.
The table is lovely but it's hard to see it under our stuff. I better check under the sofa for that magic wand!

There's the view of the tennis courts I mentioned.

If you saw this hanging in a shop, could you walk out without it?

Obviously, I couldn't.

I always bring my boss and coworkers a couple boxes of Florida salt water taffy. Of course, we don't let our patients see us snacking on it! (I always place the boxes on the counter where I can get to them easily. I really shouldn't eat my gifts to them, but...)

If you found shoes that exercise your legs, help with weight loss and posture, wouldn't you get a pair?
The main draw for me was the style and the thickness of the soles. I'm only 5'2" so I need all the help I can get. (Of course, you all know that the exercise benefits are of no interest to me).
It's time for me to report that I've gotten little exercise since I arrived here. I've walked on the beach only a few times and I haven't even been in the pool. The stairs I mount to get to our condo on the 4th floor provide the majority of my daily exercise. Pretty good, huh?

I included these photos to show that there actually are other people besides us staying here at Siesta Dunes.

Around 9:30 or 10:00, people find their way to the pool. All ages are represented from babies to elderly people in wheelchairs. Several young families vacation here.

We've had tons of sunshine since we arrived with temps reaching close to 70 degrees.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your holiday with the world. The books look interesting.

Lia said...

It's lovely being on holiday with you. What joy and I can almost feel the warm sun on my skin.

Glad you're having a good time and yes it is a waste of vacation time to go around picking up.
It'll soon be tidy when you pack to go home. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and then tell the rest of us all about it. A much better way to spend your time.

Much love

Annie said...

Beautiful pictures...hopefully your weather will be arriving North soon!! I have looked at those Skechers shoes. When you break them in, could you please let me know how well they work? Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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