Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to March

We're five days into March and I just realized I haven't shared this welcome to March page from my 2010 Perennial Grace date book. Artist Sharon McCartney's rich colors and forms are so full of life and beauty, perfect for March's presentation page.
Happiness comes from spiritual wealth...
Happiness comes from giving...
To get joy, we must give it and to keep it we must scatter it.
-John Templeton
Darn, I wish those were my own words of wisdom. Although, I didn't write them, I can adopt and do my best to live them.
Happy March to all of you and Happy Birthday on the sixteenth to my brother, Tom.


Lia said...

Happy March to you as well Shaddy.
Lets hope that spring is well and truely sprung this month.
Did you know that the phrase "Mad mad a March hair" was first recorded in Chaucer's "Friar's Tale" in the late 14th century.

Have a lovely weekend, I have to pick E up today as she is back from France so will see you some time next week.

Much love

Anonymous said...

This brough back memories of spring mornings, butterfly nets, the sent of flowers, and children laughing. Thank you Shaddy. What a beautiful thought, and beautful memories to wake up to this morning.

Shaddy said...

Lia: I've never even heard the phrase, "Mad mad a March hair" let alone knowing when it was first recorded! Unfortunately, I have lots of gaping holes in my mind which makes my head lighter (a good thing) but leaves me without a clue at times (not such a good thing). You're a wealth of knowledge and I'm tempted to swim the Atlantic to see you up close! Do have a good time with E, (as if you need permission from me).

darksculptures: Thank you for stopping in, my friend, and for sharing your springtime memories.

Natasha said...

These are wonderful words of wisdom, beautifully illustrated -- and then photographed so nicely!!!

Thank you for sharing them.

Sarah said...

I love this! I can't wait to see butterflies flying outside. So glad you posted this, it's just beautiful Shaddy.

Shaddy said...

Natasha: You're surely most welcome!!

Sarie: Considering our present weather, I can imagine seeing butterflies in the fairly near future. Enjoy the beautiful weekend in store for us.


great month, because my Birthday is coming up~ehem!
that's a great quote, it's always better to give than to grandma had thought this since I was little! Great weekend Shaddy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy spring back to you. We have cherry blossoms popping up everywhere. That's a good sign! Maybe the rain will give us a break this weekend.

Shaddy said...

Lenore: Happy Birthday to you!!
The ONLY thing I remember about my grandma was sitting on her lap and hearing her words: It's more blessed to give than to receive.
Over the years, I've agreed with her. And yet, I must add: receiving is pretty darn fun, don't you think?

dayner: Cherry blossoms are awesome! I'm hoping the rain will stop so you can enjoy the signs of spring more completely.

I am Alive said...

Hey dear. .. How r u ?
It was yet another nice post from you.. Loved the photographs...
And you have inspired me to write about the two new books I finished reading recently...
Happy Marching in March :) !

Annie said...

Spring sure is coming in here! Ducks have returned, pond is thawing, saw a hawk, birds are chirping and snow is melting! Another coincidence? My son just turned 16 on the 6! Funny how your brother was also born in March and on the 16th!!! Great month is welcome new life and celebration of the ones we love, isn't it?