Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speedo or Pearl Izumi?

I plan to wear the bright blue suit above during all three phases of the upcoming triathlon. It's specifically designed for swimming but should work equally well for biking and running. Using this suit will make the transitions from swimming to biking and biking to running go as smoothly as possible.
After the swim, I'll only have to slip on my socks, biking shoes, helmet and sunglasses and hop on my Trek. After biking, I'll simply take off my helmet and biking shoes, and slip on my running shoes.
I like the simplicity of this suit. My only concern is that I might get too warm in it during the biking and running portions if the fabric doesn't breathe. I've contacted Speedo to get their thoughts and hope to hear from them very soon.
I wore the suit when I competed in an indoor triathlon a couple of years ago and I was happy with it.
I wrote the paragraphs above yesterday, Sunday. The following was written today.
The long range forecast for Saturday, the day of the triathlon, is thunderstorms, hot and humid. If that's the case, I may have to wear the multi-color Pearl Izumi suit shown above. I know this suit breathes because I wore it two summers ago in a triathlon and it was great.
This afternoon, I got a response from Speedo to the e-mail I sent them. "If you think the suit will be too warm, you should wear something else. It's all about personal preference." They never answered my question regarding whether the fabric breathes or not. How's that for technical support?
I like the looks of the Speedo better, but I fear I'll be wearing the Pearl Izumi. I know, I know. I should be more concerned about the predicted thunderstorms than about what I'll be wearing!!!!!
Did I ever say I was sensible?
(See my previous posts for more triathlon details).


Anonymous said...

Being a woman of rather large proportions, I would look like a blueberry in the blue. So of course I would pick the more sliming lines of the gray. But, since you have the body of a 22 year old I suspect comfort should be your main concern. Whatever you chose – you will look fabulous!

Parrot Writes said...

Go for the Pearl
It'll work for you again
You will show everyone
How to be stylin' and win!

Heat makes a difference
Humidity too
Drink lots of water
And stay real cool.

Pace yourself throughout
Scare the other guys
Be consciously consistent
And you'll take home the prize!

WaHoo Shaddy!!

Shaddy said...

DARKSCULPTURES: Talk about positive strokes. I'm floating up from my chair after reading your words!

PARROT: I'm thrilled that you wrote this poem for me. It's so cool and I will be too if I take your advice. Many thanks!

Natasha said...

oh, yeah, now I have to try to follow a POEM with my comments. Sheesh.

I definitely think you should go for comfort, not looks, and wear whatever will be the coolest temperature-wise.

Just doing this triathlon at all makes you so unbelievably cool that you could wear a pillowcase and you'd look awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're going with the other suit dear, the weather sounds like it's gonna challenge you as much as the event. I am just so proud of you.

This is an interesting post. I like knowing how you prepare for these. All the details are very interesting.


Shaddy said...

NATASHA: Well, that settles my Speedo/Pearl Izumi dilemma. I'll wear the Pearl Izumi suit and eliminate the worry of overheating unnecessarily.

Your compliments have me rising even higher off my chair. What a fine group of friends I have here!!!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Yup, I'll dress appropriately and not have to regret my choice during the event. At least I know the Pearl Izumi suit won't suffocate me!!

I'm glad to hear that I'm not boring all of you with these details. I think this stuff is interesting but I can't be sure what others think.

I'll DEFINITELY carry the roadrunner medalion you gave me either in a pocket or in my bike pouch. It's so cool and such a motivating keepsake.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could come down for the event :(. I loved going to the biathlon. I'll be waiting for the update from you on how you do in this one!

You're so inspiring my dear. Really!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: I was so impressed when you and Russ came to cheer me on when I participated in that biathlon in 2008. That meant a lot to me and always will.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

shaddy choose comfort over style dear~ both are pretty nice, but the pearl looks nicer in the pic~

Shaddy said...

LENORE: You're so right! There's a time for styling it and there's a time for going for the most comfort possible.