Friday, June 18, 2010

Rascals and Angels

The library here in Beloit selects several books each year for reading and discussion by The Fourth Wednesday Book Discussions group. Copies of these books are displayed on a table near the service desk. When in doubt, I often opt for a book from these "selected" pieces of literature.

Dancing at the Rascal Fair is my most recent choice from the variety of volumes pending attention by the discussion group. I'd seen this book on several occasions when I stood before that table, straining my brain to make a selection. On my most recent visit to the library, I hesitated after reading the synopsis, but took it home anyway.

To my delight, I've enjoyed Dancing at the Rascal Fair from page one through 151 which I reached before bed last night. I'm looking forward to all that unfolds between now and when I close the cover after page 400.

Ivan Doig's novel spins a tale of two young men who leave Scotland to homestead in Montana. The story is always moving forward and never dull.

While I drive my truck, I'm listening to the audiobook, The Angel's Game.
I'm always intrigued and drawn to books with writers as central characters. Carlos Ruiz Zafon has written a spellbinding novel as such which I'm happy to have as my companion when I'm on the road.
Zafon's previous novel, The Shadow of the Wind, which I read a few years ago, was a page turner as well.
Nothing's better than a good book, unless it would be two good books. I'm doubly blessed to be presently entertained by Dancing at the Rascal Fair and The Angel's Game. I hope you'll splurge by treating yourself to this double dip.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Thanks for the recommendation Shaddy!
Always looking for a good page turner~
Great weekend*

Anonymous said...

I've been so busy I missed a few blog posts. I love the new look! How bright and pretty!
I'm due to start a new audio book in the car, maybe I'll look for one of these. I'm currently reading Empire Falls by Richard Russo.

Anonymous said...

I love when you post reading tips Shaddy, cuz as you know, I always need them. Thanks!!

Parrot Writes said...

Thanks for the reading tips. It's always nice to have an expert's recommendation! I read Shadow of the Wind and loved it - I'll have to look for The Angel's Game. Just
started "Tinkers" by Paul Harding. Will let you know.

Shaddy said...

LENORE: If you read either or both of them let me know if you agree with my review or not.

DAYNER: I'd had enough of the dark background of my blog so jumped at the chance to brighten things up. I'm glad you like it too. Don't you just love audiobooks? I can't imagine driving without one.

SARIE: In the book, The Angels Game, Charles Dickens' Great Expectations is mentioned often. I may have to read that sometime in the near future.

I'm like you. I like to read books that others have recommended. Otherwise, I'm at a loss.

Have a great weekend!

PARROT: You're in for a treat with The Angel's Game. I love the audiobook version.

Anonymous said...

I feel terribly guilty about my neglect to set a proper amount of time aside for reading.

But I'm not going to beat myself up about it this time. I have a few projects in the fire and I received some unexpected good luck, which opened up a few opportunities for me. Yippee!

Dancing at the Rascal Fair looks and sounds like something I’d read. Let me know how it turns out.

Natasha said...

I love book recommendations, especially for books I don't know anything about. I'm with you -- books with writers as central characters always draw me in.

Oh, yay, ended both sentences above with prepositions! I guess I'm letting my Workshop 'breaking the rules' section carry over to grammar and common sense.