Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Sh...Sh...Sh...Shortcake

Earlier this week, Lon and I talked about having strawberry shortcake this weekend. The weekend arrived all on its own, but our dessert plan was still stuck to Tuesday or Wednesday past.
Fortunately, at 4:30 yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, I checked my e-mails. I found an announcement from Skelly's Market explaining that due to all the recent rain, the strawberry season was cut short. "A limited supply of already picked berries are available through today."
Since it was late in the day, I called Skelly's to see if they had any strawberries left. The gentleman who answered affirmed that indeed they had a number of quart baskets still awaiting purchase in their large cooler on the front porch of their store. To my dismay, he told me they were only open until 5:00.
I had no time to lose! I knew Lon wanted strawberry shortcake pretty badly so I grabbed him, we jumped in the Avalanche and took off for Skelly's in Janesville, normally about a twenty to twenty-five minute drive. Of course, we got stuck behind a red car whose driver was in no hurry and didn't even appear to know where she was going. Fortunately, after a stressful drive, we arrived safely at Skelly's before they closed and picked out two quarts.
I refrigerated them overnight and we enjoyed them this evening. I make the shortcake with Light Bisquick. While the shortcake is still warm, we butter it, add the strawberries (cleaned and sprinkled with sugar previously) and top it all with Cool Whip Light.
I'm not what you'd call a cook but every June when the strawberries are ready, you'll find me in the kitchen (more than once) whipping up shortcake.
Strawberry shortcake has become a Father's Day tradition and lucky for me, I didn't screw it up this year.


Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering like a sprinkler head on a hot summer day. I love strawberry shortcake. Shortcake or treadmill? humm...I'm with Lon and you - Shortcake it is.

Did you notice the picture also matched nicely with your new background?!

Shaddy said...

DARKSCULPTURES: I agree about the shortcake colors matching my new blog background.

It looks like I tripped with my plate of shortcake and fell headfirst onto my blog page!!

Parrot Writes said...

Our berry season has been cut short by rain, so Saturday was my window to get berries for jam and of course, strawberry shortcake! I ate plenty (altho my SC didn't look as delicious as your's in the picture. I'm planning a long walk tomorrow. THEY SAY the sun will shine here sometime Monday.

Gullible said...

YES!!! I too think Bisquick shortcake is the only kind to have with strawberries. Certainly not that spongy stuff.

Natasha said...

Oh yum! We're past strawberry season here and into peaches -- I may have to write a post about them today.

This looks lovely and it DOES go beautifully with your new blog theme -- which suits your blog SO well.

Shaddy said...

PARROT: I ate lots too but not nearly as much as my husband. He had two plates full! And we'll have more this evening. I love it though. He's such a good father and hubby he deserves all good things, every day of the year.

Here's hoping you have sunshine and a fine walk.

GULLY: I agree. In my opinion, it has to be Bisquick shortcake or none at all!

NATASHA: Peaches! I love eating fresh peaches. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Anonymous said...

Shaddy, you're KILLING ME! I loooooove strawberry shortcake more than any other food in the world. Okay, perhaps chocolate eclairs, but you get the point. That photo...I close my eyes and I can't get it out of my head, the strawberries oozing out the side of the cakes and the whipped cream about to topple over, out of the screen and into my mouth. Yummm!

Love the new colors, too.