Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Triathlon Logistics

Thanks to all of you, I've decided to wear this triathlon suit on Saturday. It's very lightweight and the fabric breathes. That's me in the photo, modeling it for you. The weather forecast promises hot and humid conditions on Saturday so I'll be dressed right. I figured I better try it on today to make sure it fits and that no moths have nibbled on it!!

I'll begin the triathlon wearing this gear. (The bottle holds anti-fog solution for my swim goggles. I'll smear a few drops on each lens, rinse it off with water a few minutes later and then go to the pool).

***********For biking, I'll remove my swim cap and goggles and slip into this gear. I'll wear the belt with my race number attached.

After biking, I'll remove my helmet and biking shoes and slide my running shoes on. (I don't have to fumble with tying the laces and believe me, I'd be fumbling without the lock laces!)

I'll pack all my gear in this waterproof backpack. Beside the heat and high humidity, thunderstorms are also in the forecast! (I don't think they'll call the event off for anything).

If you're interested in more of the triathlon details, read on.
This Friday afternoon, I'll pick up my triathlon race packet at North Pointe. I'll receive my race number, timing chip and specific details regarding the logistics of the event. At home on Friday evening, I'll load my bike on the back of the truck and pack my backpack with everything else I'll need for Saturday.

When I arrive at North Pointe on Saturday morning, I'll go to the designated area and rack my bike. I'll put a small bright red blanket on the ground beside my bike. On the blanket, I'll place my biking helmet, biking shoes and socks, sunglasses, my race number attached to a waist belt, a small towel, a water bottle for my bike and my running shoes.

In the locker room inside the facility, I'll slip into my Pearl Izumi suit and slide the timing chip in its elastic band on my ankle. With my swim goggles and swimcap, I'll go to the pool area.

The triathlon will begin at 8:00 with the fastest swimmer entering the pool and beginning to swim pool lengths. Swimmers enter the pool in order from fastest to slowest and in 20 minute intervals. Order is predetermined from our entry forms which asked how many minutes we expect it will take us to swim the race distance of 350 yards equivalent to 14 lengths of the pool.

The pool has 7 lanes. Each swimmer will begin at the first lane. He'll swim to the far end of the pool and back. He'll duck under the rope that divides the lanes and again swim to the far end and back. He'll continue in that manner until he's swum down and back in all 7 lanes. He then leaves the pool and goes to his bike which will be in close proximity to the pool.
When I finish swimming which I anticipate will take me about 11 minutes, I'll head for my bike which should be easy to spot with the red blanket beside it. I'll take off my swim goggles and swim cap. I'll dry my feet with the towel and slip on my socks and biking shoes. I'll fasten the belt with my number around my waist, slip on my sunglasses and biking helmet and jump on my Trek. After I'm rolling along, I'll snap my shoe cleats into the bike pedals.

After biking 17 miles in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, I'll return to my bike rack. I'll remove my helmet and biking shoes and slip on my running shoes. The 3-mile run route starting line will be a short distance from the bike racks. I'll have to talk to myself constantly during the 3 mile run. I can't say it'll be enjoyable especially if it's hot and humid. In fact, I'm prepared to walk a bit now and then if I have to. I know for a fact that I'll be extremely relieved and happy when I step across the finish line.

We will cross over electronically equipped mats as we enter and leave the pool, again when we begin and finish the biking route and finally when we begin and finish the running segment of the event. These mats take a time reading of our individually assigned timing chips.

For instance, as I enter the pool, I'll step on a mat which will "read" my swim start time. When I leave the pool, I'll step on another mat which will read my swim finish time. My timing chip will transmit my start and finish time in all three segments of the race. The transition times from swimming to biking and biking to running are factored in to determine an individual's total race time. If you're interested in minimizing your total time, you don't want to spend too many precious minutes in changing shoes or adding or removing clothing items. That's why I like the one piece suit, the biking shoes with velcro fasteners and the running shoes lock laces which eliminate shoe lacing time.

I'm resting up this week and chomping at the bit, wishing tomorrow was Saturday instead of only Thursday.
(Previous posts are also about the upcoming triathlon).


Anonymous said...

I wrote this big long comment and it wouldn't post. So here is the simplified version.

1. You look awesome!
2. You are tricked out with great gear!
3. You have a great attitude!
4. I wish you fast speed and a safe, happy experience!

Also, in closing I'd like to say you have been a wonderful inspiration. My walks on the treadmill this week have been met with a higher step and more focused purpose. Thank you!

Jana said...

Shaddy - I'm getting so excited for you. Being included in your preparations has been great--there's certainly a lot to consider. Like DS I am inspired by your spirit(and fitness level!) and I have noticed a higher degree of enthusiasm in my walks. I call it 'channeling Shaddy'. Have a great time - we're cheering you on.

Shaddy said...

DARKSCULPTURES: Two comments! Wow! How lucky can I get!

Actually, it's a shame you had to post your comments twice. It's frustrating when that happens.

I'm ready for Saturday, that's for sure. If my posts motivate you in any way, that's awesome.

THANK YOU!! For everything.

JANA: It's sweet of you to be getting excited for me. You've certainly been attentive to my many blog posts recently and I've truly appreciated all your comments.

I'm glad you're feeling more enthusiasm as you take your walks. That's what we're here for, that is, to help each other day by day.

THANK YOU for being you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, when you put it like that!! LOL!! Now I'm really excited about this triathlon for you Shaddy girl!! My heart rate elevated just reading all of this. I have to thank you for taking the time to write about the details for us. I appreciate the inside information on how the event will unfold and everything you have to do. Very cool post!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: I'm glad you enjoy the details. I didn't expect my blog post to be so long but in order to explain it all, it grew quite lengthy.

Obviously, my mind is on the upcoming event and won't move on to something else until I've crossed the finish line and shared the experience here in another post.

THANK YOU for being interested.

Vanessa Wolfram said...

I'm so excited for you! I even showed my husband your post :)

Anonymous said...

Auntie says i know you will be the cutest darn biker, runner and swimmer there. You have the neatest gear too. GOOD LUCK Shaddy!!

Shaddy said...

VANESSA: ThANK YOU for your interest and for showing my post to your hubby.

AUNT BABE: I wonder if they're giving awards in those categories!!

THANKS a bunch, Babe!

Anonymous said...

You are my hero! I can't wait to hear all about it on Sunday.
Have fun, be careful, and thank you for the inspiration!

Shaddy said...

DAYNER: At this time tomorrow, I should be across the finish line. I'm sure I'll be posting to my blog later in the day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide pictures. My photographer (husband) won't be present at the event. Rats!

THANKS for your interest and support.

Natasha said...

Oh, this is exciting! I'll be doing very serene and laid-back yoga while you are doing this race, so I will take a couple of deep breaths in your honor.

Have fun! You are already a winner in my book.

Shaddy said...

NATASHA: I'll surely appreciate a couple of deep breaths taken in my honor tomorrow morning.

THANK YOU for the positive strokes. I'm storing them up.