Friday, August 6, 2010

Forgive Me My Trespasses

I've sinfully led you to believe that I seldom, if ever, cook. That's a bold-faced lie. Upon occasion, I bend down and wrestle with the mess of pots and pans in the deep cupboard where I hurriedly tossed them after their last outing. I hate messy cupboards but this particularly odd-shaped one is impossible to keep organized, especially when dinner is done, the dishes are clean and my belly's full. At that point, I only want to get out of the kitchen.

In the summer, I don't usually make spaghetti, but after a coworker made mention of it last week, I realized I was hungry enough for it to spend time in the kitchen throwing it together for dinner last Friday.

I boiled the macaroni, browned the ground beef and added the sauce (Prego Onion and Garlic). I cut up half a loaf of French bread and heated several thick slices wrapped in tinfoil in the oven.

Finally, with simmering, boiling and reheating going on in the background, I assembled two salads. Since all types of salad greens don't store and keep for long, I've given up on them. I cut up veggies, add shredded cheese (always sharp cheddar), sunflower seeds and dressing. I like Paul Newman's light dressings, especially his Newman's Own Light Raspberry and Walnut.

Yes, I will tell little white lies and exaggerate a tiny bit if I think it'll add zest to my blog posts. You don't mind terribly, do you?


Jana said...

I'll bet you actually made that pasta and bread from scratch, and the sauce from tomatoes you grew and canned earlier.
I like the salad idea - and they look quite pretty sitting on your new countertop.
It all looks so good that I'm going to go see what I can throw together for dinner. ...or maybe call the pizza delivery folks.

Shaddy said...

JANA: You're giving me more credit than you should. I really did use Prego sauce. If I'd made the pasta, bread and sauce from scratch, you'd have heard about it. Oh, yes!!

There's definitely nothing wrong with supporting the local pizza parlor and their delivery guys. Oops, gotta go, the door bell ringing.

Gullible said...

Good one, Shaddy, but --pleeze!--don't spill too many secrets of us bloggers. Won't be as much fun discombobulating folks if they think we're only kidding.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I don't mind at all, lol. I knew you were hiding your cooking talents! I knew it!

This meal makes me soooooooooo hungry Shaddy. It looks wonderful. I can almost smell that pasta sauce cooking. Yummmm. And the salads? Perfect!

Guess what we'll be having for dinner ASAP.

Shaddy said...

GULLY: You're SO right! I crossed my fingers as I clicked on "Publish Post" in hopes I won't lose my credibility.

SARIE: I watched my mother cook so I did pick up a few things. She was always cooking or baking or canning. I should have followed in her fine footsteps but instead I seem to have rebelled and if I do cook, it's never anything too elaborate.

If I want to cook, I can but the desire is sporadic. My cousin and her friend from Ohio are coming this afternoon to visit for a few days. They'll arrive this afternoon so I went all out and even made potato salad and frosted brownies. And of course, I stocked up on Edy's Fruit Bars!! (Dang those things. I ate three of them within fifteen minutes when I was supposed to be entirely focused on reading my present novel yesterday evening! I'm loving the lime bars now. At first I thought they were a tad bitter, now I'm going for them big time!)

Anonymous said...

Aha! More cooking! Pass the frosted brownies please. And the potato salad. and a fruit bar (mmmmmm, perfect for today!)

Hope you're having fun with your cousin!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I knew it!
you can actually cook!!
cheers to that~ at least much better than my sister....can you believe that she deep fried bacon strips!
I was so shocked to see her doing it!!! Her reply to me was; " how do I get them crispy then???" Like I said you do can cook lady!

Anonymous said...

My mouth is all primed and ready for spaghetti. Guess what we are going to have for dinner now!

Kathan said...

Shaddalicious! I got my little gift and the mail today...thanks so much (and thank you, Edy's)!

I have dinner prepped for tonight, but I am DEFINITELY making pasta with meat sauce tomorrow...

Natasha said...

I'm focusing on your final salad. Looks yummy! Carrots and peaches? It looks like an interesting combo. I love how the bowls look on your gorgeous new counter top, too.

Natasha said...

Shaddy -- I saw a bumper sticker this morning and thought of you (after I stopped laughing): In big letters it said: TRY A THREESOME SOMETIME!

Under the words were a picture of someone swimming, a bicycle, and a runner.