Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All for $2.64!

The only time I buy anything at Staples is when I find it on the clearance shelves.  
Everything pictured in this post was clearance priced at 50 cents.  

Each cover creator packet includes a notebook and instructions and materials necessary to design a unique cover for it.  I bought one composition notebook and two spiral notebooks, each only 50 cents.    
 All of these heavy-duty folders in this cool assortment of awesome brown patterns were in one package.  Guess how much I paid for all twelve folders.  That's right, 50 cents.

Scrolling down, what do you think of these lovely 8 1/2 by 11 receptacles for storing my special papers?  I personally love them.  If I could figure out how to wear them, I most certainly would.  The patterns and colors are 'oh-so' fashionable, don't you think?  The package of twelve, yup, only 50 cents.  

Hanging on to my lovely finds for dear life, I lined up at the cash register.  Within a few minutes, I was strolling out the automatic doors with my sack of goodies and a grand total of $2.64 on my debit card.

It's great fun being a cheapskate!


Annie said...

OMG!!! Next time i am in Staples i will have to check out the clearance stuff!! You got some terrific values and awesome things! i love the folders.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Wow Shaddy!
My cup of coffee costs more!
what're you planning to do with those folders? (I'm so nosy huh?)


Stephanie said...

I love getting amazing deals!!! I would wear those argyle folders too! Very cute :) I was just checking your word count. Good job- keep it up!!!!

Natasha said...

Y'know, Shaddy, I'm gonna have to go shopping with you. Last time I went to Staples looking for groovy file folders I found some really cute ones on their sale rack and took them to the front counter where they were rung up at full price (which was A LOT.) I got the sales clerk to go back to the sale rack with me and she said, oh, you picked the ONLY folders that WEREN'T on sale. They'd gotten put there by mistake.

So I said, "But SHADDY got them for almost free!!" and she looked at me like I was some kind of idiot.

As if.

Kathan said...

I am going to Staples today right after I'm done writing her at Starbucks...it's right across the street!

Anonymous said...

WOW! How much do I love those files?? I never go to Staples, and now I have to go see what they have hidden in those clearance bins. Nice finds my dear! Congrats! :)

17K+ words????? OMG! Way to go my dear!!!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

ANNIE: I feel like a thief when I walk out of Staples with my fabulous bargains!

LENORE: I've no specific plans for them. Yet, when I need them, they'll be within arms reach.

I may just grab a folder that matches my outfit every morning before I leave the house and carry it around with me throughout the day! They're lovely and inexpensive accessories. Yes?

STEPHANIE: Argyle! Thanks for helping me out. I wanted to use that word when I created this post to describe the folder patterns but I couldn't think of it for the life of me.

Thanks for encouraging me on my word count for NaMo. I'm trying to stay afloat in unfamiliar waters--so far, so good.

NATASHA: The sales clerk didn't perk up at the mention of my name? She hadn't read any of my work? Good grief! Staples better do an overhaul of their criteria for hiring.

Talk about idiots!! :)

KATHAN: Let me know what you find, okay?

SARIE: Most of Staples' stuff is overpriced if you ask me. But their clearance prices blow me away. I hope you have luck if you go there.

Thank you for cheering me on as I head toward that crazy word count goal!!

Anonymous said...

We have a Staples in Pensacola now. That's it. I'm going.