Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coming Up For Air

What can I say?  I've been buried under a growing pile of words for weeks now.  Last Sunday, I managed to pop in here to deliver a new post but since then I've been very, very busy, indeed.  I've been working real hard to get ahead of schedule on my word count for NaNoWriMo.  I've accomplished that and came up for a breath of fresh air this morning.

Why am I so concerned with getting ahead?  Lon and I are expecting company on Thanksgiving Day, again on Friday morning and again on Saturday.  My four brothers, two coming from Michigan, two sister-in-laws, my niece, my son, husband and I will be eating, drinking and generally living it up very soon and for a period of three days.

That's why I've been writing my ass off.  Heh, heh.  I've written 41,914 words as of half an hour ago.  Thus, I have the rest of today and nine more days to write a little over 8,000 more words in order to reach the finish line at 50,000 by midnight on November 30th.  The only day I don't plan to write at all is Thanksgiving Day, so I venture to say, I've got it made in the shade.

It's been quite a ride to this point.  I've been hell-bent on my goal, irritable occasionally (just ask Lon and my coworkers), extremely efficient with my time and constantly keyed up.  It's hard to say whether it's been fun or not.  Honestly, it's been many things including:

1.  Exhilarating
2.  Intimidating
3.  Insane
4.  Exhausting
5.  Enlightening
6.  Challenging
7.  Humbling
8.  Rewarding

For now, there you have it.  Four positive, three negative and one that's both.  Yikes!  Does that mean I'll be doing this again next November?

God help me!

(Dang it!  I always like to include at least one picture when I post to my blog but for some reason my Add Image option isn't cooperating.  Picture this if you would:  My workspace is a sorrier site than it was as pictured in my last post!!!      


Gullible said...

You think your creating habitat is bad? You've been at it three weeks. You should see what I did to mine in an hour and a half. You go, Girl.

Natasha said...

Your list is -- well, perfect. I think you sum it up really well! I commend you on your progress. I'm hoping to join you in the winner's circle and this year, I actually will finish my NaNo novel in November, albeit with huge missing chunks of middle.

Yeah again to your list. And keep writing. and THANK YOU for your kind words about my interview!!

Annie said...

GO SHADDY GO SHADDY!!!!!!!!! I noticed your word count is over 43,000! And reading these posts is slightly making me want to participate in next years NaNo novel. But we shall also seems a bit intimidating. However, I don't write everyday, although I am trying more often to fit it in, so NaNo would cause me to commit. Have fun on Thanksgiving and PARTY HARD!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Parrot Writes said...

You are doing great to get ahead so you can spend some needed time enjoying family over the holiday.
I can relate to all the words you posted to describe your feelings this month. Intimidated was how I started, rewarding is how I plan to finish. When I started this journey I had no idea if I could do it. Now I am so excited to have a notebook full of scenes/chapters to start working on at the start of the year. Congrats to you! We'll have to have an online party on Dec 1st!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

GULLY: I used to think I needed a tidy work place in order to function. WRONG AGAIN!

NATASHA: Yesterday, Lon asked me what I win if I reach 50,000 words. He'd forgotten from last year. I actually had to stop and think myself. After I told him we get a little winner's badge for our blog and a few other little odds and ends in the mail, I stood there for a second or two beside him, wondering what the hell is the matter with me!

Honestly, for me it's worth the work. I only wish I wouldn't get so worked up about it but then as I've mentioned before, I function better when I'm under pressure. Dealing with stressful self-imposed pressure is my natural way of living!

ANNIE: Thanks for your role as cheerleader!

If you want to participate next year, I'd suggest setting your goal at 25,000 words the first year. Like I've said you don't win anything significant so setting a more attainable goal might be a smart route to take.

I don't take smart routes. I choose to do things the hard way--it's insane but I'm used to insanity.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

PARROT: Since we'll probably be tired out by Dec. 1st, I vote for an online slumber party. I'll provide the snoring.

I've been intimidated just like you. In fact, I still am apprehensive although some of the feeling is excitement--sometimes I can't differentiate between the two.

I'm curious to see how my last stretch goes. Since I've no outline, I'm excited to see what I write between now and December. Every time I sit down and write, it's like entering an unfamiliar place with nothing to help me find my way other than my satchel of writing experience and lots of years of reading books.

Congrats in advance to you as well!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing everything on your list too. My holiday company has already arrived so I'm writing in the early EARLY mornings and late LATE at night so add sleep deprived for me. :)

Natasha said...

I love the idea of an online slumber party December 1!

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I call determination and will power! Have I told you lately how inspiring you are to me Shaddy? I mean it! WOW! This is gonna sound silly, and perhaps a little lame, but I actually have tears in my eyes right now out of sheer pride and happiness for you. You are just amazing. I can not wait to read this year's accomplishment because last year's is outstanding!!!!! I am enjoying it so much, I can't even find the words to describe it (this is why I am so not a writer)
You're almost there! BIG HUGS and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
P.S. I love that list too :) Perfect!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

No.8 must be the best feeling Shaddy~ carry on!! So proud of you~


Anonymous said...

I am impressed out of my gourd. Wow, wow, wow. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. You've earned it, big time!

As for poor little me, feel sorry for me as I cook Thanksgiving dinner while smearing my laptop with pecan pie, cranberry sauce, brown rice pilaf, turkey rub herbs, and who know what else while I hunt and peck on my far-behind manuscript!

Gullible said...

Don't mind me, Shaddy. Keep typing away as I slip in here and place a big mug of cocoa chai tea beside your laptop. Caffine to fuel the muse, you know.

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

DAYNER: You're amazing! I feel real fortunate after reading your comment. You're putting in some long days to reach your goal. I have no doubt but you'll be a winner with time to spare.

NATASHA: Bring your earplugs!

SARIE: Now I'm the one with tears in her eyes. Once again, I'm humbled. If for no other reason than to receive this comment, my efforts have been rewarded and I'm satisfied.

With Thanksgiving in two days, I must add that you're always high on my "I'm most thankful for:" list. Yes, indeed.

You say that I inspire you. Well, without your encouragement and support, I truly doubt I'd be inspired to write like I do.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to a special friend.


LENORE: I'm always pleased when you comment. With your hundreds of followers, I appreciate your attention. I don't know off hand what No.8 on my list is. I'm afraid to go look cuz I might lose this bunch of comments. I will ASAP.

BETH: I can't feel sorry for you, ever. With your writing talent, I can only envy you. Your cooking talent blows me away as well. Smear some of that good stuff on me while you're at it!!

GULLY: How sweet of you, my friend. I wish you hadn't run off so soon. I bet your muse and my muse could amuse us both. I'm enjoying the tea with my imagination and that's great cuz I don't have to worry about the caffeine keeping me up tonight.

Is it good to be home after your long stretch of traveling?

Gullible said...

Psst... 'nother cup of cocoa chai.

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

GULLY: You're a sly one. Missed you entirely this time!! How you manage to carry that mug all the way from Alaska without spilling a drop is beyond me!

Gullible said...

Yeah, and it's still hot when it arrives next to your laptop! I have hidden talents.

Gullible said...

Shaddy, Shaddy, Shaddy. Please quit jumping up and down. Come sit with me. I'll open a bottle of the good stuff from my brother's winery. We'll celebrate in style.

Natasha said...

DING! DING! DING! I like to think we crossed the finish line more-or-less together (although I realize you swam 3 miles, rode your bike another 10, and ran 26.2 miles while writing, but still.....) CONGRATULATIONS!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

GULLY: I'll stop jumping up and down long enough to celebrate with you and a bottle of wine. When we're done, I'll fall down.

NATASHA: Living without the NaNo pressure is glorious. Yes? It's such a peaceful feeling; I'm wallowing in it.

We ran in a tight pack through November. What a way to travel!!