Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oops! December Is Here.

I challenge you to stand on your head to read this lovely quote.

I'm sorry I'm so late in announcing that December has arrived.  I know all of you count on me to remind you when it's time to turn your calendar pages.  Well, guess what, it's time to start your Christmas shopping and thanks to me, you're already eight days behind.

I suggest you add this to your list of New Year's resolutions:  Stop depending on Shaddy for anything other than a laugh now and then.

In case you're not into gymnastics, the quote reads as follows:  Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make everyday a holiday and celebrate just living.

-Amanda Bradley


Gullible said...

Doggone. And here I was wondering how many days after Thanksgiving it was...

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

GULLY: Good grief! I just rechecked my calendar. Here we are on December 9th. It's been two weeks since we celebrated Thanksgiving and two weeks and two days before Christmas.

How's everyone doing at this midpoint between holidays?

Natasha said...

Shaddy -- Have you been able to locate the 2011 version of this calendar yet? Hope so!

Anonymous said...

It's not like you haven't had things on your mind dear :) No worries!

I love these posts. It's such a beautiful datebook. I love it. I echo Natasha's question. I hope you can find another one for '11!

Boy is that quote fitting for how I feel about you my friend :) Thank you for everything, you're the best!

Parrot Writes said...

The pictures are pretty and the quote is perfect for a Deember reminder!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

NATASHA, SARIE & PARROT: Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

No, I haven't found the 2011 version yet! A couple of weeks ago, I looked at TJMAXX where I got the 2010 datebook. They didn't have it at that time but I'll keep looking. I'll be lost without one and I love everything about that particular datebook.

(Sarie-You're so sweet!)