Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank You, Vera!

I intended to shop for my son this past Saturday and I did, but I also bought myself a new outfit.  I'd resisted the week before but couldn't pass it by again.  (It was on display on a main aisle and when I came near, it stopped me in my tracks).  I plan to wear it to a Christmas party tomorrow evening. 

The tags identified this outfit as part of the contemporary separates "Punk Rockher" collection.  I figure at 61, I'm the perfect age to adopt that look!!  (I may leave instructions with my family to be buried in it when I check out at 101!)  

The light colored pattern on the black background is a subdued metallic silver. 

I like the asymmetrical placement of the zipper, don't you? 

Do you like the layers of fabric at the lower edge of the jacket?  I think it adds a nice feminine look.

The metallic design completes the "Punk Rockher" look on the back of the jacket as well. 

These black slacks will complete my outfit.

I hate trying on clothes.  Fortunately, I got lucky.  I didn't try the jacket or pants on in the store and was thrilled when I arrived home to discover they fit perfectly. 

Again, I'm tickled by the unique details.  Notice the unusual shape of the flap that covers the zipper.

I get a big kick out of extraordinary fabric pattern cuts such as this.

Finally, check out the grosgrain ribbon running down the sideseams, giving them a tuxedo look.  How cool is that?

I'll accessorize my "Punk Rockher" look with these heavy metal earrings and necklace.

(I found these in my present collection of jewelry and I think they'll work just fine).

My red boots present a welcome break away color in contrast with the basic black of my jacket and pants and will add a Christmasy touch.  The outfit needs that, don't you agree?

I love the super high heels that are popular now but I'd rather not risk breaking a leg and being wheeled into the party in a wheelchair! 

This is my first shopping encounter with Simply Vera, Vera Wang fashions.  Something tells me it won't be my last.

Do you have Christmas parties on your calendar and new outfits in your closet?


Gullible said...

How about a pix of you all rocked up?

Beth Westmark said...

I'm with Gully. We want photos! Supercool looking outfit. Enjoy the party. . .

Beth Westmark said...

Let's try this again. I should type while eating chocolate ice cream and balancing a laptop on the arm of the soft. I type the wrong url in.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gully and Beth!

It is an amazing outfit. LOVE! You'll look great tonight dear. Have fun! Have someone take a picture of you for us :)

Parrot Writes said...

I love the look and know you will look smashingly punk at your party! Picture please!!