Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Going to Heaven Tomorrow

My son, Jared, gave me a gift card for a massage and a facial at NorthPointe's spa.  The card was in that pretty netting sleeve with the spa services brochure.  I can't imagine a more wonderful gift. 

Tomorrow, I'll work from 8:00 until noon.  From there, I'll drive straight to NorthPointe for a workout.  After exercising hard, I'll shower.  With some time to spare before my 3:00 massage appointment, I plan to sit with a book by the fireplace in the main lobby just outside the spa.  (I've never allowed myself that luxury before).  

I absolutely love massages and can't wait for an entire hour of total relaxation.  I've had maybe two or three massages in my life.  I can't explain the heavenly sense of peace and well-being that I've felt.  It feels so, so, so good to be pampered and treated like a queen.  The only thing I won't like is when it's over.  I won't want to break the spell that massages put me in.

I foresee that when my masseur is finished with me and tells me I should get dressed, I may just ignore her.  Instead of cooperating, I'll just lie there.  She'll be sweet but insistent and I'll make a deal with her.  I'll promise to leave without making a scene if she promises to find someone to carry me from the spa all the way to my truck.  I doubt my body will be up for the long walk.

I really will be as close to heaven tomorrow as I'll ever get while still here on Earth.

Twenty-four hours later:  I've had my massage and if you'd like to read about how it went, please go to the 5th comment below. 


Natasha said...

Oh, what a lovely gift! Have a wonderful time...

Parrot Writes said...

I'm so jealous! What a wonderful treat!! Sounds like a perfect end to the day. Now you just need hubby to prepare dinner for you and open the wine...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh, this sounds glorious honey. What a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon. I will be thinking of you, hoping I can feel a little bit of the relaxation you'll be feeling.

I am so happy for you! Jared rocks!

You will share the experience with us right? ;)

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Your son must love his mama very much!!
how was it shaddy?
~~~~ heavenly i bet!!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

NATASHA, PARROT, SARIE & LENORE: I'm home after my massage and still feel like I'm floating. It was fabulous.

I can't describe how awesome it was, but I'll try. I was so relaxed from the moment it started that I could feel my heart rate going was way, way down and I know my breathing was extremely slow. My body felt like it had melted all over the massage table. OMG!

First, Clare scrubbed me with gloves that felt like sandpaper. That kind of stung but from then on, the lotions, hot towels, blankets, and Clare's hands kneading and moving over my arms, legs, feet, back, neck and face were heavenly, just like I expected.

I'm supposed to drink lots of water for the next 24 hours.

I mentioned that I haven't been sleeping well lately. Clare recommended that I drink chamomile tea before bed and that I massage lavender essential oil between my toes and on the arches of my feet before bed.

The whole experience was priceless.

THANK YOU, JARED! I called him last night to tell him I was going for the massage today and after I got home today I called him again to tell him about it and thank him again.

Anonymous said...

I bet you are feeling like a new gal tonight. Your son sure is a great gift picker. Makes me wish my massage therapist was not down in the Keys.
Love, Auntie

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That sounds heavenly Shaddy! Oh so perfect in every way. I'm so glad you got to have this experience...

When are you going back? ;)

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

AUNTIE BABE: Do you get massages from Dawn frequently when she's not away?

SARIE: I'll be getting my facial (also a gift from Jared) on February 15th. That's the soonest I can get in on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon when I'm off work. I can't wait!!!