Saturday, January 22, 2011

My No-Nonsense Nifty Organizer

I found this cool organizer at TJMaxx a couple of weeks ago.  The white base is metal and the dividers are plastic.  It's a simple system without bulk or any unnecessary parts.
 I spaced and placed the dividers to my liking.  The base is approximately 6 by 11 inches so it doesn't take up much room on my work table.

Next, I added some items I use regularly.  This nifty little organizer holds more than I imagined it would and there's still room for a couple more items.  Now I can grab the book or folder I need more easily than when they were in a stack.

I'm quite pleased with my bargain-priced ($5.99) organizer.

Getting and staying organized is a never-ending challenge.  Don't you think?


Gullible said...

Getting there? Not so much. Staying there? A life-long struggle.

Parrot Writes said...
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Parrot Writes said...

I'll try this again. I have spurts of organizational energy. My husband usually leaves the house when he sees me in that mode.

Natasha said...

Very nice! I have a sorta similar organizer but it's not nearly as attractive and things can slip through the bottom of it.

And, of course, it (and I) are not NEARLY as well organized as you...

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's cool! Girl, you are the very definition of a "Maxxinista" !

Of course, I will be copying you and heading to TJ Maxx tonight...

Love ya honey. Happy Monday!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

GULLY: All we can do is try.

PARROT: Your husband is probably afraid you'll file him away and forget what label you used!!

I can operate dangerously as well when in that mode or mood. The process ain't purdy!!

NATASHA: Don't give me too much credit in the organizing department. I try real hard to keep track of stuff but often can't remember where I've put things.

SARIE: Maxxinista! You're so funny! I love it. It has a nice ring to it.

Oh dear, I don't think you'll find a file like mine. When I went back for a second one, they were all gone. All we can hope is that they get some more in the future.