Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Out of Two Isn't Bad, Is It?

A cool comp book cover, don't you think?
Since the first of the year, I've been struggling out of bed half an hour earlier than usual.  It's the one New Year's resolution I've kept.

Instead of lying awake and being lazy, I'm getting up at 6:30 instead of 7:00.  I shower, dress for work and then sit down with a pen to journal in one of my notebooks in my plentiful collection.  Presently, I'm using the Comp Book in the photo at the right.  I think I paid fifty cents for it.  As you know, I buy goodies off the clearance shelves at Staples.

I write with a gel pen, printing each word neatly.  I enjoy forming the letters almost as much as I enjoy expressing myself.  Occasionally, I journal in the afternoon or evening if I feel moved.

I hope to continue this habit and gradually get up even earlier.
I'm on page 18 already.  Yay!  I wonder how many notebooks I can fill in a year.

********************************************************************************** ******************I haven't done nearly as well with my other New Year's resolution.  I resolved to focus on the positive and downplay the negative.  After my first day back to work in 2011, on January 3rd, I complained without ceasing to my husband regarding work for at least ten minutes.  When I realized what I'd done, it was too late.  I'd broken my resolution and then some, already.  Good grief!

I'm really, really "trying" to be good.  I'm looking at the positive side of things by being thankful for keeping one of my resolutions.  One out of two isn't bad, is it?


Parrot Writes said...

One out of two is absolutely good! I'm impressed that you are journaling so beautifully in your cool comp book! I'm afraid if I tried that no one including me could ever read it! My handwriting is pretty illegible when I'm freewriting. I'm glad you have an understanding husband who will listen while you rant a bit. I know it makes all the difference in the world to have a best friend to talk to and bounce ideas and isues off!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

It's always so nice to see handwritten passages~ I still find it so beautiful! Well, at least your hand writing is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful honey! Just fantastic really! What a pretty little journal to write in. That would make me want to write every day too.

Regarding the 2nd resolution? Your fine! We all need to vent!! And Lon, being hubby and best friend, is the perfect person for that! I'm here too if you need to vent. You didn't fail at this 2nd resolution at all, in my opinion. You gotta let that stuff go somehow so you can get it out of you and concentrate on the positive in your life. Perfectly acceptable.

(told ya I was celebrating all week)

Walk said...

Reading my dad's journals have given me insights about him I didn't know. In one he wrote about his WW2 experience and the men he served with over there, which is something he didn't like talking about. So, write away, let those that come after you come closer through your words.

Lia said...

One out of two is good. I don't even make them as I know that I will fail.
I carry enough guilt about things from year to year without feeling guilty about things I made up for myself.

I journal, have done since I was a bout 9yrs old but more so since I was 13. I recently gave some of my early ones to my daughter to read and she is loving them.

Good for you for getting up earlier to do your journalling.

Much love

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

PARROT: Thanks for the thumbs up. My husband is a good listener, actually better than I am. My mind wanders when I try to listen whereas he takes in everything I say. I'm lucky.

LENORE: I truly do enjoy putting pen to paper.

SARIE: You're right. Venting is healthy so I need to rethink my resolution.

I love that you're celebrating my birthday all week. I'm loving it!!

WALK: How cool that you have your Dad's journals! I can't imagine anything being more valuable to you especially since they contain parts of his life he didn't share verbally.

LIA: I'm so glad your daughter is reading your journals, and loving them. You must have quite a stack of accumulated journals from all those years gone by. Awesome!

Annie said...

Just saw a great quote which I use in my Outlook...
I am focusing on each day's resolutions, not the years.
One day at a time my friend...
Hope all is well!!!!