Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Before" Pictures

Recently, I've been working hard in our yard.  Included here are four views of my backyard playground.

Unfortunately, due to septic system problems, some major digging will be going on tomorrow.  The pipe that leads from the septic tank to the dry well will be replaced which means the area to the right of the birdbath (as viewed in first photo) will be invaded to a depth of over eight feet.  If I liked playing in piles of dirt and gravel, I'll have plenty to run up and down after the hole is dug, but that's not my thing.

Hopefully, I won't even see the piles since they'll be used to refill the hole before I get home from work, unless I'm brave enough to zip home during my lunch break for a peek at the horror.

View from back deck.

We were warned that we'll have a big mess after the excavation is done.  Thus, I'll have an extra challenge ahead of me as I assist in getting our views back to normal.  Thank God, my husband-Lon enjoys playing in the yard too.  In fact, I'm sure he'll do the reseeding.  I may focus more on the front yard in order to avoid observing the slow process of regrowing grass.     

I'll be back with the not so lovely "after pictures" later this week.

This will either break my love of yard work or I'll rise to the challenge.  Wish me luck, please.

View from storage shed.

View from southwest corner of yard.

View from southeast corner.


Jana said...

It's such a lovely retreat right now - I'm sure you'll return it to it's current glory in no time. No way you won't rise to that challenge. Good luck.

Parrot Writes said...

At least it's better than digging and making the mess on New Years Day in the snow, which is what we got to do last year! I'm sure you will have it back to beautiful in no time! PS - don't go home at lunch. Give Lon some time to tidy it up before you see it! :)

Rob said...

Good luck you! I'm sure you'll "dig up" some willpower and "produce" a yard fit for a Queen :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

JANA: We'll definitely be "on it" ASAP. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

LINDA: We are VERY fortunate that this happened at this time of the year. The grass should grow well.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with a mess on New Year's Day!!

ROB: Thanks for the good luck wishes. You're always so clever with your comments, Rob.

Gullible said...

Oh, dear. Perhaps you'd best go on vacation for a week or so while Lon struggles to return hope to your back yard. I am a seasoned veteran of yard dig-ups and I know whereof I speak. I feel for you and your lovely back yard. Not to be a wet blanket, you know, but...

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: I appreciate your empathy. Life surely could be worse. Compared to tornado victims, we're good!!

After posting this, I felt somewhat guilty for complaining about something so minor after watching the news.

Anonymous said...

You poor Darlling, after all your hard work. I hope all goes well and it will be back to normal soon. Your cousin Dick had a bad experience yesterday, gas tank fell off his truck, EPA, fire Dept and others were called, he had 8 hours to clean up hazardous material, luckily he has lot of friends in construction, had a crew there to dig up hawl away and dispose of. He feels lucky he was not on hwg. the whole truck could of exploded.
Hope all goes well for you. Love Auntie

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

such a tidy+neat garden dear Shaddy!
Enjoy the season outdoor...please wear a cute garden hat!


Sarah said...

Oh dear. Your poor yard! I hope it went smoothly and that your pretty backyard is on the mend :(. Your yard and my new roof. What a week!

I hope all is well dear, and that you have a great weekend!

LMC09 said...

I haven't checked in in a while. the yard looks gorgeous

Stephanie said...

Your yard looks so nice right now. I'm sorry to hear about the septic issues. Hopefully they get the yard tore up and put back real quickly!
I got my reminder card to come visit you at work :) I started to call today but Jake was screaming. Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow! Hope all is well :)

Gullible said...

Your absence makes me suspect you are traumatized by the septic project. The lack of "after" pictures lends credence to that suspicion.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

AUNTIE BABE: After tons of hard work, we have the back yard seeded and are waiting for the grass to grow back.

Dick was lucky to come out of his incident without injury or worse. Thank God for that.

LENORE: I'll go shopping for a cute hat ASAP!

SARIE: All is well regarding our septic and back yard. So you have a new roof. Major issues for both of us it seems!!

I've miss chatting with you here and elsewhere. Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

LMC09: Thank you.

STEPHANIE: The hardest work is behind us as far as the yard goes. Replacing the basement carpet is another story.

I look forward to hearing from you at the office.

If you can work for me in December, we sure could use your help. I know that's a busy time but you may enjoy a diversion. We'll chat about that some more later on.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: All is well actually. I've just been obsessed with working in the yard and haven't felt like doing anything else. I hope to post at least a few words very soon.

When I get involved with a project, I get obsessive compulsive and have trouble focusing on anything else.