Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Outside

I've been having a blast working outside.  I hope to tear myself away so I can share some of my life with you.  When I'm on a roll, I can't stop the momentum.  I hope you're all well and doing things you're passionate about.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pots and flowers dear! I'm so glad you're having fun being outside. I'll bet you'll be outside working again today, considering it's beautiful out. Watch out for storms later ok? We're headed out shortly for a little photography/storm chasing road trip :)

mistress maddie said...

Beautiful pots! Love all the colors together. I know what you mean about being on a roll. When I have lots to do and enjoy it, it's hard to break away. When it is beautiful outside I don't feel like blogging, but at the same time, I also miss my fellow bloggers!

Rob said...

You and my mom shared the same passion. She's been nothing but outside working on plants/planters and all kinds of "planty" things :)

Parrot Writes said...

Your planters are gorgeous!! I love the colors. Have just gotten started planting, but the weather is dismal here. Rain and more rain. I have tomato plants in my living room just waiting to be set free into soil this weekend, hopefully. Glad you are having so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Those begonias (I think that's what they are!) are so pretty. I was missing you, but hoping you were playing outside. Great stuff. I'll think of you when we're hiking in the Smoky Mountains this weekend! :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: I can't tear myself away from working outside. I haven't been to NorthPointe for quite some time. As nice as the facility is, I'm enjoying getting my exercise with Mother Nature.

MISTRESS MADDIE: Thanks for stopping in.

ROB: I love your Mom!!

LINDA: I'm so sorry you're getting rain, rain and more rain. I bet your tomato plants are looking out the window longingly, anxious to have you put them in the ground. I hope that's soon.

ELIZABETH: Have a fabulous weekend in the Smoky's. You'll have a grand time, I'm sure!!