Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sip, Sip.

During November, I wrote a book.  I was motivated by the promoters of National Novel Writing Month.  You can get the scoop on NaNoWriMo on their website. 

I originally titled my book:  Writing Under the Influence.  My entire book was written between sips of wine.  When I took a sip, I'd interject the words:  Sip, sip.  As I wrote, I e-mailed chapters to my audience of one and dear friend, Sarie.  She suggested I name my book:  Sip, Sip.  I like Sip, Sip better.  It's cuter.                 

I often wrote here.  But, where am I and where's my wine?  !I must have slipped away for a refill).    
Having fun while I was writing was my main priority.  I Had to embark on my journey with this bottle.

I love anything cute and colorful.  My second writing companion was Funky Llama.

Bottle #3 was Lucky Duck.  For five days I was feeling lucky and loose.

I chose Yellow Tail for my fourth bottle, another dose of cute and colorful.  It didn't taste bad either! 

Mid month the wine was flowing and I began to relax with Bottle #5.

During any challenging endeavor, humor helps.  I had to have some of this!

Last but not least, I sipped across the finish line with Bottle #7, Cedarburg Spice.

My first bottle lasted five days so I anticipated I'd drink six bottles in the thirty days of November.  I drank seven.  The title of next year's NaNo novel may well be:  How I Became a Wino.

FYO:  My reward for writing 50,119 words is more expensive wine from now on, nothing less than $7.00 a bottle.   


Sarie said...

What a cool post. I love that Broke Ass name. LOL!!!! I am so proud of you dear. What a fun ride this one has been. Just as fun as last year. I can't wait until Nov. 2012! :-) in Sip, Sip, it was so fun following your days with the wines you've chosen. What a great idea.

I love Sip, Sip! It made me feel great! Sip, Sip is a cute title, just like you!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: Thank you so much! It was fun. You know how much I love a challenge.

I wonder if better wines inspire better writing? I guess I'll find out in November 2012!!

Natasha Alexander said...

What a riot you are! And good for you for doing NaNo again.

I had foot surgery instead and spent the first week of November on heavy-duty pain-killers that I hoped would inspire great hallucinatory ideas for my writing. Didn't happen; they just made me sick to my stomach.

Half a dozen bottles of wine is as MUCH better idea!

Walk said...

You may have given me the key to getting through NaNo, lots of wine. I think I'd have to start with some Annie Green Springs Apricot Splash or some Boones Farm. I may just have to call on Cousin Johnny Walker, I imagine Uncle Hiram will be busy.

Rob said...

Congrats on NaNoWINO! Proud of you lady! If you're ever up to the challenge of trying home-made Mead (honey wine), I'd be happy to send you a bottle as further congratulations on a month well-spent :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

NATASHA: I hope you're back on your feet and a hopping along very, very soon. The nice thing about NaNoWriMo is it comes around every year. NaNo2012 may be your time to shine (even more than you do already)!

WALK: I highly recommend sipping while you write or at least to get you started. It's much easier to ignore that inner critic with a glass in your hand. Once you get going and are writing on a roll, you can dump the rest of your glass down the drain if you're afraid of becoming dependent on it. During November, I often wondered if I was developing a bad habit. If I was going to write during my lunch break (1:00-2:00), I'd pull my wine bottle out of the refrig and take a couple swallows before I sat down at my laptop. Never before had I had any alcohol during a work day--I'd never have done that. I'm relieved to say that when I passed the 50,000 word mark, my wine consumption dropped back to a small glass a day. Phew!!

ROB: NaNoWINO!! Now why didn't I think of that? Very clever, Rob!

Your offer of a bottle of wine is awesome, but I can't accept your generosity. You're a busy guy with plenty to do besides shipping wine. Enjoy a few sips of your home made wine on your Friday pizza night with your wife and kids. Know that I do appreciate your congratulatory comment.

Parrot Writes said...

Congratulations Shaddy! And what a way to do it - I love the title (and the wine labels.) Got my new computer up and running Thursday, so am back in business again. Will take a bit of getting used to...