Thursday, May 31, 2012

Up and About

In my previous post, I shared my outdoor, off-my-feet activities.  Today, I'd like to show you what keeps me out of my chair during the summer months.

We have several birdbaths.  When the birds use them, the water gets dirty and much of it gets splashed out.  Filling them takes me to all corners of our lot.

Our fountain needs frequent additions of water too. 

For color, I filled this planter with orange, yellow and red annuals.

Impatiens do well in our yard in the many shady areas.  We love the red ones and continue to plant them year after year.

I planted impatiens all around this pin oak in the backyard...

and our crimson king maple in the front.  These two areas take the most time and energy to fill but are well worth it.  Before long the plants will miraculously fill the planted areas and the soil will no longer be visible.

Our wheelbarrow planter sits under a tree so of course red impatiens were the perfect choice to put in it.

All of our peony bushes blossom at once and only once each year.  I sure wish they'd take turns and that the flowers would last a bit longer than a week or two. 

These three hydrangea bushes under the overhang don't catch the rain so I have to remember to water them regularly.  If they're thirsty, they pout by drooping their leaves.  They're a sad sight and I simply can't ignore them! 
When I'm satisfied with the yard, I grab my sunglasses and my MP3 player and head out for a walk around the neighborhood.  With half a dozen cul-de-sacs nearby, I can walk for an hour without getting far from home. 

I hope all of you are enjoying your time outside.  There's nothing like fresh air and exercise, although fresh air and sitting down has its merits too.

Let's all have a terrific month of JUNE !!


annie said...

Love your yard!! What a peaceful place to rest and relax. Here's to June!

Sarie said...

Oh I love all the flowers everywhere, and the birdbaths too. What a pretty, relaxing space you've created. I'd be out in it every day enjoying it. It looks like the weather for the next week is going to cooperate for that too! YAY June!!

Linda McMann said...

Your yard looks wonderful again this year! I love peonies too, and wish they would hang around a bit longer. Have you ever tried dividing them? I did this last year, but they are lagging behind the others, so don't know if I was successful or not. Here's to a wonderful June!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

Thank you to all! I'm hooked on being in the yard again this summer. Not a bad thing!

I hope all of you are enjoying summer in all your favorite ways.