Thursday, June 28, 2012

Female Cardinal on Her Nest

I came home at noon today and spotted this female cardinal sitting on her nest in a bush right beside our kitchen window.  I feel blessed to have such a wonderful view from inside my home.   

Until now, I had no idea that she was even building a nest there.  I love using the zoom on my camera to get in REALLY close. 

It's 102 degrees.  I give Mother Cardinal a lot of credit for sticking with her maternal responsibilities.  She's obviously trying to cool herself by holding her beak open.

Observing her through the window, I can see that she's panting.  Her entire body is pulsating.  I'm worried about her but am loving this new experience.  I've watched robins have their young but never cardinals.

(I took these photos through the window so there are some areas of glass reflection.  I went outside to see if I could get a photo from another angle but I couldn't even see the nest from any position around the bush).

Mother Cardinal left her nest for a short time during the past two hours, but unfortunately I wasn't able to see from the window far enough down into the nest to see if there are eggs or hatched fledglings in it.

I'll be back with further developments regarding this important event.

It's 7:00 in the evening and I'm back already with more exciting news.  While mama was away, I got a ladder and looked down into the nest and saw three speckled eggs.  How cool is that? 


Linda McMann said...

I'll try again. I posted a comment about 5 hrs ago and it didn't stick.
I am in awe of your 102 degree temps! Hopefully you have an iced birdbath that she can frolic in for a break from the hot temps! I'll not complain about our rain...

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

LINDA: We could use rain and I mean badly! We've had too many hot, windy days. If we weren't watering our yard it would be totally dried up. Fortunately, it only got up to 88 degrees today.

I make sure the birdbaths are full although I haven't added ice!! I just checked the nest and mama is in it. She always has an eye on me. I admire her vigilance.

I can't wait to see the fledglings. I have no idea when to expect them since I didn't even realize there was a nest until yesterday.

I sure wish we could get some of your rain and you could get some of our sunshine. The weather mostly seems to be lopsided!!

Have a nice weekend, Linda.