Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Birch Trees Are Dropping Leaves

I have two birch trees in my yard that are dropping leaves.  I raked up enough to fill a large trash can early this afternoon.  A good share of the leaves still on the tree are yellow; I imagine they'll drop soon. 

I'm really upset.  I'm trying to keep my yard beautiful and the lack of rain is making that very difficult.  Keeping the lawn watered is a daunting task and now with the yellow leaves scattered everywhere, I'm fighting a battle that's bigger than I am.

I've watered the birch trees a few times this season because I know they suffer when it's dry.  They've lost leaves previous years but nothing like now.  I let hoses dribble on both trees this morning while I was at work, about 4 hours.  I may not save the leaves but hopefully the trees won't die. 

Thanks for reading; I really needed to vent.  I will be more upbeat next time I post here!!!!!  Let's hope, anyway.


Anonymous said...

The same here in Chicago. My river birch is dry and unhappy because of the lack of rain. This also occured the last couple of years after we had tons of spring rain and then nothing for most of the summer. It is a well established tree at ten years of age. My usual response is to do nothing and let nature take care of itself. It is otherwise healthy, but I don't water it much in dry weather. The tree has bounced back every spring bigger and better until we hit a dry patch. I'm not an expert, but I do believe nature does what it needs to do to survive. Good luck!

Sarie said...

I feel your pain honey, I really do. Our 2 maples are dropping leaves and the big old hickory tree is too. It's so sad, I've never seen them do this before.

Hang in there Shaddy. Hugs!!!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

ANONYMOUS: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Deep down, I believe you're right. My only problem is I have a heck of a time leaving things alone.

SARIE: I've been thinking of you often and I'm so glad to find a comment from you. You can't imagine what your words do for me. You sure do feel my pain, Sarie since you're watching leaves fall too. I've a blister on the base of my thumb from raking. (I'm too lazy to go looking for a garden glove).

I have this afternoon off work but 101 degrees on the thermometer at this moment is keeping me inside.

Are you off somewhere with Russ?